Fall In Love With The T-Mobile Shadow

T-Mobile has many great cellular phones with cool features. Once I saw the T-Mobile Shadow, I knew that their goal was to make me buy another gadget for my constantly growing collection. It is sporting a brand new Windows Mobile interface, which makes it extremely stylish. Unlike some smartphones, it does not have a bulky look with hard to operate features. The user-friendly operating system will appeal to many consumers who were a little too fearful of exposing themselves to the smartphone craze. You will be able to navigate through menu options with ease and not wonder what you are doing. https://www.dfydaily.com/ is where you can read more about the features and advantages that you get from T- Mobile shadow. Besides that, you will find some of the best features of this amazing device in this article.

The T-Mobile Shadow has a hybrid sort of cursor pad and scroll wheel to navigate through the phone’s options. There are eight main icon options that consist of alerts, message center, internet, calendar, photos, settings, and music. After you select an option, just click the right side of the wheel in order to get to it. Getting to your main options this way will allow you to get to your applications quickly without having to dig directly into the Windows Mobile applications. Consumers who are very unfamiliar with smartphones would have been very intimidated if they were thrust headfirst into Windows Mobile. With T-Mobile Shadow’s user-friendly interface, they can get to options quicker and even quit applications in order to free up memory space.

The 2.6-inch display on the T-Mobile Shadow is large enough for you to comfortably read everything on the screen. The large 320 by 240-pixel screen is a great way to watch some of your favorite video clips are scroll through some special photos. It is even large enough to show to others without them having to squint and figure out what they are looking at. Compared to some smartphone devices, the interface on this mobile phone is not so sluggish. You can quickly mover around options without having to wait forever while an application opens. If you are a fast typer, you will appreciate the fact that the keys are quick to respond. You will be able to create a text messaging frenzy in comfort.

Storage is definitely not an issue with the T-Mobile Shadow. It comes conveniently with a built-in 140 MB of storage. If that is not enough storage room for you, then there is also a MicroSD slot for you to add more memory very easily. Mobile travelers will also appreciate the fact that this smartphone also comes with Pocket Office. You can edit you must have Microsoft Office documents with ease. There are other useful applications that come preloaded on this device as well. You will be able to enjoy instant messaging with Yahoo, Aim, or MSN. Just because you are on the go, you will not have to be cut off from friends or work with this handy little device. It can be used for business needs or entertainment purposes without slowing you down.

Despite the fact that the T-Mobile Shadow has a ton of useful and wonderfully working features, one of the best features it has to offer is its WiFi connection. Users that do not want to dabble with T-Mobile’s EDGE cellular network can use the built-in WiFi connection as a backup. You will be able to connect to WPA protected networks without a hesitation or a problem. If you love to frequent places with hotspots, you can now take full advantage of them without a notebook computer. Just use the T-Mobile Shadow to surf in ease.

The T-Mobile Shadow will display your favorite videos without any sluggishness, it will give you access to Microsoft Office documents while on the go, and it has an extremely user-friendly interface. All of these great assets will quickly draw consumers to it. It has a stylishly elegant look and performs very well with call quality and other tasks. You will soon discover that the T-Mobile Shadow takes the scare out of working with a smartphone and it will make you fall madly in love with it.