Expert Guide to Buy the Right Camping Tent

Are you on plans to buy a camping tent for your upcoming camping trips? You may have one lined up with your family in a few months and a one with your buddies later this year. Well, no matter whoever you go camping with, it’s always better to have your own camping tent. Now, buying a tent is quite an investment and hence you should always proceed with an informed decision. The post below offers a pro guide on purchasing the right tent for your camping holidays.

Go for a mid-sized tent

You need to be careful about the permitted area in campsite for your tent. All campsites might not have space for large tents. On the other hand, small tents would be inadequate for your family or gang of buddies. So, settle with medium-sized tents that can easily accommodate 4-5 people together. In case, you need a larger one ever, you can always rent an additional one for that particular trip.

Aluminum poles and sturdy fabric

When you are investing in a tent, you are obviously thinking in long term. So, look for a tent that’s built with strong fabric that will last you years. Your chosen tent should also be backed by aluminum poles as they are stronger than regularly used fiberglass poles.

Is the tent waterproof?

This is another major point you must check while investing your hard-earned money in a camping tent. The best tents in the market are usually built with waterproof fabric with a minimum rating of 1500mm. Your chosen tent must also have sufficient rainfly. The tent should also assure adequate ventilation with its windows and roof vent.

Screen porch

You must find a tent with screen porch. On one hand, a screened porch assures protection from insects outside and on another it offers you needed privacy.