Everything you need to know about The Amazing Acidophilus

Many people already know when you take antibiotics you destroy the good bacteria along with the bad so you need to take acidophilus to help restore the good bacteria in your system. However, there are other uses for acidophilus you may not be aware of.

For years I have taken acidophilus pills to help fight Candida (Too much yeast in my system causing me to break out in extremely painful rashes usually under my belly or in my inner thighs, where moisture thrives)

I have always bought the refrigerated pills that say, “Billions of live, friendly bacteria” However, the last time I bought it I accidentally bought the powdered form and now I would never go back to the pills again.

This last time my rash was worse than it has ever been and it was so painful I knew it would take weeks of pills to clear it up but when I got the powder by mistake I felt relief after the first day and total healing after the second day. Not only that, the powder was about half the cost of the pills.

My first fear was how was I going to take it? According to some experts you just open a pill and put the powder directly on your tongue for best delivery to your system. I would not have to open a pill, I could just spoon a little out and do that, but I am chicken so I put it in my yogurt and mixed it up and ate it. Worked like a charm.

I used to think acidophilus was just for combating yeast. Then, one day, I found out it also helps another problem I have been diagnosed with called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

The problem with stomach acid is that people think they want to neutralize it but that leads to a vicious circle because your body won’t work as hard to protect your esophagus from stomach acids if you neutralize the acids, which causes the problem to worsen. In short, neutralizing stomach acid is a serious mistake with adverse consequences over time.

A stomach that is low on acid is low on digestive enzymes. Acid isn’t the problem. You need acid for digestion. The problem is the acid reaching the esophagus. So, I hope you understand now why you do not want to take antacids, ever! The digestive system of the stomach will be good after consuming the megasporebiotic with food supplements. The dosage of the supplement should be limited as it have side-effects too. 

The beauty of Acidophilus is that it stops GERD pain almost immediately and it protects the esophagus, without killing the acid. It is the perfect, natural remedy. You can get acidophilus at any health food store but make sure it is refrigerated and has over a billion live friendly bacteria in it.

Mine has two billion and cost just $6.75 for 113 servings! (4 oz.) Do not buy the kind that says, “No refrigeration necessary” because it is not as good. I just put about a capsule worth on a spoon and put it on my tongue and I do not recommend that. There is no taste, but it clumps up and sticks to the roof of your mouth. Just think of what I go through to research this article for you, folks!

You can’t mix it into a drink as it clumps up and it’s hard to swallow. I would suggest you put the powder in yogurt or something else that is not hot, as you don’t want to kill off the live friendly bacteria.

Acidophilus is crucial for maintaining overall health. The benefits of acidophilus include the prevention of infections, the enhancement of digestion, and the metabolism of cholesterol and most importantly of all, the overall strengthening of your immune system.

So, now that you know all the ways acidophilus can help you, what are you waiting for? Go get it and take it every day and watch your overall health improve. Be sure and come back and leave a comment telling me what acidophilus has done to improve your health!