Everything To Know Before Your First Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana is now legal in many parts of the country and also around the world. Consuming the right amount of CBD without having to measure it is also an art. Different CBD Strains have their own unique effect and experience. If this is your first time getting hold of recreational marijuana, then you must be aware of a few things. We have listed them below. Take a look.

  • No feelings at all

a lot of people do not experience any high at all when they smoke marijuana for the first time. Depending on your metabolism and the marijuana strain you have smoked, you might remain unaffected by the high. So it can be a bit boring for you as well.

  • Get really high 

on other hand, smoking marijuana for the first time can get you really high. This might be a bit intimidating for some, because they have never experienced such a feeling before. So be prepared to get the best high of your life when you smoke the first time.

  • Enjoy a positive mood 

smoking marijuana for the first time might give you a really positive vibe that uplifts your mood the right way. You feel ecstatic in every sense and everything tends to become a bit more funnier. So, the first time smoking of marijuana can get you the laugh of your life.

  • Get affected by negative feelings 

just like smoking marijuana gives an ecstatic feeling to some, a lot of people are affected by negative feelings as well. You might experience physical discomfort, confusion, depression and anxiety when they smoke Cannabis for the first time.

So, here are a few things which you will need to expect when you smoke marijuana for the first time. Visit sherman oaks cannabis dispensary and get yourself some really good quality marijuana at a cost effective price.