Effective Guide in Removing Nasty Carpet Fleas

Fleas are a big nuisance for the human being. It is experienced that the fleas have become almost immune to the natural products used to get rid of them

Besides the choice the of using the natural products to kill the fleas there are very harsh chemical compositions available to use and kill away the fleas in the carpets. But if you don’t want to use any of those, consider finding the top-rated carpet cleaner today. Some offer eco-friendly and health safe solutions.

We suggest the below mentioned ways which can be adopted to solve this problem.

Killing flea with Aerosol Sprays

One of the most effective ways to do away with the problem of fleas in the carpets is use of a chemical called aerosol. Aerosol shells can be used for fumigation.

One shell of aerosol can effectively cover an approximate total area of a few hundred square feet including the carpeting. A larger house will require a number of aerosol shells to spray.

As the spray is poisonous utmost care is required while using this product. You have to take all your pets out of your home before using this spray. Once you set the aerosol bombs to act and release the gas to fumigate, you should immediately move out from your house.

It is necessary to plan your route to leave your house as fast as possible when you do the fumigation. This is a must to avoid the inhaling the poisonous fumes. The inhaling of the gas should be minimized. After placing the shell in action hurry up to get out of you house. The fumes will spread all over and kill the flea. This will require a few hours to kill the adult flea. You should remain out during that period.

When the effect of the fumes has subsided, it is required to ventilate your house properly to remove any traces of the fumes. You should open all the windows for good air circulation for some time till it is normal.

Aerosol spray is very effective to kill all larvae and the adult fleas. Unfortunately, it does not cause any harm to the eggs of flea. In order to completely wipe of the flea eggs, you need to use another chemical spray to kill the eggs to prevent the further breeding of flea.

Killing Eggs

To kill the flea eggs another chemical named IGR , Insect Growth regulator is used. There are many varieties of this product available. Nylar (pyriproxifen), Methoprene (FleaTrol and Precor) and Fenoxycard are some common brands which can be used.

You can use the Nylar spray to eradicate the flea eggs. this chemical will strongly act on the flea hormones, break the flea eggs which are hatching and also reacts with the baby fleas and kill them before they grow up to an adult flea. But please note that IGR is not effective on the adult flea. So you have to use aerosol only for killing the adult flea prior to use of IGR.

Method of using the IGR is very simple. You can place a small plate or dish filled with dish washing soap or put shampoo mixed with water. Put this under a night lamp on the carpet in your house.

The flea will be attracted to the light and the soap solution. When the flea gets attracted by the light they will fall into the soap solution, get drowned and killed.

The plates need to be cleaned daily and recharged. One plate is to be put in each room where you have the fleas. They all will be killed in a few days.

Use of Electronic flea Killers

Electronic flea killers are also available in the market to solve this problem of fleas. You can easily get one from some good pet shop nearby.

Electronic flea killers are provided with the electronic lights which attract the flea. There are sticking tapes put along with the bulbs. Once the flea is attracted by the light it gets trapped and sticks to the tape.

Using vacuum clear with flea killing Powder

There are special flea killing chemicals available in the powder form. The powder is spread all over the carpets. The flea gets killed by the chemical in few hours. After this the killed flea and the powder can be removed by vacuuming. It is recommended to sprinkle some powder where the pets sleep outside

Insecticidal carpet shampoo

It is used to clean up the carpets. This is another way to get rid of fleas.

Using Steam

You can also use the steam with as steamer to kill fleas

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring can be provided in the home and use of carpets can be avoided. So there will not be any flea.

Infrared Heat

You may call some pest control people and get the carpets treated with the infrared heat treatment. This can be used frequently to kill the flea.

Use of Citrus products

Limonene and Linacool are some of the citrus fruit extracts which are also used for killing the insects and flea. These products are efficiently used to control the flea and kill them in while they grow. It should be ensured that the product used contains both of limonene and linacool. These are considered as safer treatments. These are to be used to clean the carpets

Flea Collars

One more product, although considered unsafe for both pets and human beings, is flea collar. Flea collar continuously generates some vapors which are toxic and thus kill the flea. As these toxic vapors are unsafe for pet and people, due care is needed to protect yourself and your pets if you use these products. It is required to make a limited and safe use, better avoid if you can not ensure the safety. These should be kept in air tight sealed container in a cool, dry and safe place when not being used.