Easy Guide On Streaming Pc Games And Movies To Your Xbox One

WorldsFactory is a site filled with latest gaming updates you should know. That includes tips on enjoying your favorite PC games on unique ways, such as streaming it to an Xbox One.Doing the same for watching movies is applicable as well. You only need a Windows 10 PC, an Xbox One, the Windows Wireless Display app and some guide on setting things up.

Here’s how to Stream Games and Videos of Windows 10 PC to Xbox One

For starters, note that Windows 10 is capable of wirelessly connecting to other devices via Wi-Fi. If you have a smart TV, for example, you can establish a connection between the PC and your TV. The only requirement is to connect both devices into the same Wi-Fi network.

On the case of Xbox One, you need the Microsoft Wireless Display app for it to work. Download the app and install it in your console.Then, open the app using your Xbox One to connect it to your PC. On your PC, press “Windows key”, see your console’s name and establish the connection.

Using the established connection, you’re free to switch between keyboard or gamepad modes. It also allows you to display the screen of your Xbox One on the screen of your PC. Moreover, you can choose between Gaming, Working or Movie modes to adjust the quality of streaming through a taskbar.

Using the similar taskbar, you can choose the audio output of your setup as well. For example, you can set it to a wirelessly connected surround sound speakers. Simply access the taskbar, click on the speaker icon, find the name of your console and choose the output you want.

You see? It’s easy to stream videos and games from your PC to an Xbox One or vice versa. This is just the general setup guide, but you can modify it depending on your preferences too. Also, be sure to check WorldsFactory for more posts and news about gaming today.