Easter Island – The Most Mysterious Place on Our Planet

Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui) is a tree-less and volcanic Polynesian island, located in the South Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Chile in South America. The oldest known names of Easter island are Te Pito o Te Henua, meaning – The Center of the World’ and Mata-Ki-Te-Rani, meaning – Eyes Looking at Heaven. This land is the most isolated and remote island on our planet and also holds a ranking as a World Heritage Site for its 2000 monoliths, out of which around 277 still stand and dot the coastline of this island. The unsolved mysteries of Easter Island include many questions like who carved and made these monoliths and how they were moved all over the island and what do they stand for

One of the most surprising facts about Easter Island is that, this place is located 2,300 miles west coast of Chile (South America) and 2500 miles southeast of Tahiti. The closest island is 1400 miles away, and this island is uninhabited. Easter Island is only 15 miles long and 10 miles wide. The discovery of this island and its evidences indicate that it was discovered way back in 400 A.D and the first people to come on this island according to these evidences were Polynesians. There are hundreds of stone carved human monoliths that cover the entire island. These stone made statues are called Moai, 288 of these Moais stand on a stone platform called Ahu.

Right from mythological mysteries to the possibility of alien association, Easter Island statues and the theories behind those are plenty! A number of explorers, archaeologists, researchers, scientist and voyagers have tried to solve the mysteries of the Easter Island that mostly cover questions like what do these statues stand for, who made them and most importantly how were they placed at different locations. It is impossible to move these statues at such long distances since they weigh in tonnes. Besides, when these statues were made and carved, there was no means of transportation developed on our planet. So how did these statues move?

Scholars have tried and failed to explain why these Moai statues were used for. It is assumed that their carving styles and the technique of erecting them were derived from some place in Polynesia but the idea of making these giant stone statues evolved in a unique way on Easter Island. Archaeological and iconographic research indicates that the statue cult was based on an ideology of male dominated authoritarian society that shows anthropomorphic symbolism. The monoliths symbolized authority and power, both religious and political. For the people of Easter Island who erected and used them, they were actual repositories of sacred spirit.

So how did these early Polynesians carry/move these giant monoliths all over the island? This is possibly the most mysterious question about the Easter Island. The researchers have studied all the possibilities that involve moving these stone carved monoliths and have found no solution to how these historic people moved these statues all over the island. Many theories abound this question. One of the theories suggests that tree logs have been used to move these statues in the history. The scarce presence of trees on the Easter Island could be a proof, although it is not convincing enough.

An association with Aliens and UFOs is one of the most interesting theories that have come up with the Easter Island monoliths. A hypothesis says that an alien space craft may have arrived on the Easter Island accidentally, which would have left aliens trapped on Earth on the remotest island – The Easter Island. These aliens were so bored that they started using the volcanic material of the Easter Island which cooled and formed hard stone, which were then carved with some advanced tools that the aliens had with them. These aliens placed the statues all over the island. However, before they could place all the Moai, their spacecraft arrived to save them and this explains why many other Moai are left fallen under debris.

The first people to arrive on the Easter Island were the Polynesians and this has been scientifically proved through DNA tests. These people arrived in 400 A.D. The people who lived in Easter Island had their own style of writing. This system of writing was completely different from any other writing systems in the world, although it resembled a lot like Chinese. However, no other Pacific Islanders knew how to write. The American Indians did not know the system of writing either.

What is this system of writing like? Did the Easter Islanders learn this system of writing or did they develop their own system? Another fact worth noting is that the system of writing was first invented in Asia, a few thousand years BC.

The Easter Island mysteries remain unsolved even today as there is hardly any convincing evidence of any of the theories that ever came up. Here’s a documentary on Easter Island that might give us few useful insights.  On a separate note, if you want to explore things on your own and expand your imagination, you can buy magic mushrooms online. You just have to make sure that it is safe and the content is high quality.