Different Jobs Roles In Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry offers a variety of exciting and rewarding career options if you are qualified professionals. Worldwide there has been approximately 10 million people are employed in the global aviation sector. Airlines carry more than 5 billion passengers in a year and deliver about 1/4 of traded goods by value. 

Thus by completing a bachelors’ degree in aviation causes, you are eligible to discover the range of career options in the aviation industry.

Airport manager

The goal of the airport manager is stranger the efficient and effective operation of the airport on a daily basis. The airport manager works at zeroavia private and public airports and heliports. Thus he or she needs to develop strong leadership and communication skills. He must be result-oriented and able to adapt to every condition.

Airport planner

The other planners should have expertise in airport designing and operation. In order to prepare the best airport master plans, they need to apply their knowledge and training successfully. The job role of airport planners mainly includes implementing programs, incorporate multi-year forecasts, airfield capacity, facility requirements, and passenger data.

Airport director

He is the person who oversees the day-to-day operations and responsible for the long-term development of an airport. In addition to this, he is also responsible for security and maintenance, managing terminal operations, as well as prepare planned procedures for purchasing, budgeting, and customer service. 

The duties of the airport director include community outreach, negotiation with employee unions and airlines, consultation with agencies, custom enforcement, immigration, and local taxing authorities.

 Airport Operation manager

The airport operation manager is responsible for organizing and directing airport operations. He also ensures that all the activities comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Apart from this, he also manages maintenance programs for the airport facilities and fleet equipment.


This is how an associate degree in aviation causes can help you build a great career path in zeroavia airline operations.