Differences Between A Door Gift And A Corporate Gift

In our modern generation, gifts are classified in wide variety of types. Each type has its own purpose and appropriate uses in different events or occasion. Hence, it is unavoidable that some gift types are being interchanged by a lot of people. Two of those gifts are door gift and corporate gift. Most of us may be confused about the differences between the two. But it is very essential to distinguish them especially if you are in the corporate world. To help you out, this article will go through the main differences between corporate gift and door gift.


In terms of their uses, door gift is given to people who participated in an event while on the other hand; corporate gift can be used in different purposes such as marketing, advertising, brand awareness and other business activities.

Price Range

There are also some differences between corporate gift and door gift. Usually, corporate gifts have wide range of prices compared to door gift because it caters to the needs of the clients. Door gift has a smaller budget that ranges from $2 – $15. On the other hand, corporate gift has wider range from $2 to $50.


When it comes to purpose, door gift ideas are also different from corporate gifts. The latter is used to allow the company to make a good impact and impression to people in an event or activity. Door gift is used to attract the attention of the target market.

Generally, door gifts and corporate gifts are very helpful to businesses. Despite their big differences from each other, these gifts are being used in different business activities to promote and raise brand awareness and at the same time, build relationship with both potential and existing clients.