Coffee Shops In Athens, Georgia

For many, coffee is the nectar of the gods. It’s the one thing that gets you up in the morning and out the door before you’re late for work. Some like to brew their own coffee at home but others like to go buy their Java at a cafe. As they know วิธีเลือกเมล็ดกาแฟให้ถูกใจ themselves. That is why before you drive to your local Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, head over to one of these independent coffee shops in Athens, Georgia.

Two Story Coffee House

Located in Little Five Points, Two Story Coffee House is the place for students to hang out and study. As the name suggests, the store has two floors for patrons to choose from. The first level is more open and comfy, suited for those who want to chat over a warm cup with an old friend. The top floor is more for those that wish to study or have quiet time to read or reflect in one of three cozy rooms. Study groups or informal meetings could easily benefit from either level and, if needed, can request a room to themselves.

The menu for Two Story Coffee houses is a little bleak with just drink selections and no added food but the drinks they have are divine. You can stick with the warm coffee selections, which range from two to four dollars, or something cold from a dollar twenty-five to four dollars.

Cups Coffee Cafe

For small study groups, studious students, or old friends looking to catch up, Cups Coffee Cafe is a wonderful place to be. Located five minutes from the UGA campus on Barnett Shoals, the place is always filled with college students and professors, getting their caffeine fix before classes. The whole shop is placed in a long room with tall ceilings. The walls are decorated with local prints that are up to buy and tables are scattered around the floor with individual lamps. I love coming here to study by myself or to do a group project because the tables give you a lot of space to spread out without feeling crowded.

Cups offer both drinks and various delicious desserts from a local baker, all ranging from two to seven dollars. You may find yourself stopping by just to have a slice of red velvet cake!

Jittery Joes

It wouldn’t be a coffee shop article in Athens, Ga if Jittery Joes weren’t mentioned. The original store actually started right down the road from the famous University of Georgia arches. It gained fame by being next to the original 40 Watt Club and catering to some pretty famous patrons, such as the B-52s and REM. You can read more about their history here. Now, they’re located in many different cities but it will always be an Athens local favorite.

In Athens, there are currently six locations, with two being on local college campuses. Each location is uniquely it’s own but most have bike paraphernalia all around the walls and hanging from the ceiling. The original location off of Broad Street is my favorite with the rustic feel and come-as-you-are attitude. At all locations, Jittery Joe has a variety of coffees and teas, ranging from two to five dollars, and various pastries, ranging from one to five dollars.