Celebrate Your Furry Friend With A Professional Pet Portrait

Do you have your pet’s birthday coming up and you wish to do something really special this time? Yes, you will definitely host a gala party and call all his friends and near ones. But when it’s his birthday, he deserves at least one exclusive gift especially for himself. How about getting a pet portrait? Now, that’s a fantastic idea and your furry friend would surely be elated. The post below discusses how to get a keepsake pet portrait for your paw-some friend.

Get a professional photograph

A portrait really tests your patience. If you want your portrait made, you have to sit still for hours before a portrait artist. But, you can’t expect that level of patience from your pet. The best way here is to get a photograph of your pet shot by a professional photographer. Then, you will send the photo to a good pet portrait artist.

Search around for portrait artists

Most of the pet portrait artists have their websites online and hence you won’t have difficulty in finding a one for you. But, don’t just settle with the first one you come across online. The rule of the thumb is to study at least 4-5 such artists and their websites before the final call.

Check portrait types and samples

Your chosen portrait artist should allow you to choose from a wide range of portrait styles. From water colour to graphite & charcoal to coloured pencil- there is a broad variety of styles to choose for your pet portrait.  Check the artists’ portfolios and previous works to understand the standard of his drawings. An ideal portrait artist will always impress you with a life-like portrait of your pet.

Upload picture and place order

Once you have found your chosen artist and portrait style, upload your pet’s picture and place order.