Cancer is one of the major health issues that researchers, medical experts, doctors and patients are still trying to battle. For those people with cancer, they are willing to do anything just to fight the disease. While the studies and search for the cure are still on the run, there are some treatments that we are currently taking to battle cancer. However, as time passes by, we were able to discover alternatives that could be an effective treatment for cancer. One of those is cannabis or marijuana. While there are a lot of negative arguments against its legalization, marijuana has been proven as an effective substance that cures various diseases including cancer.

More recently, researchers and medical experts claimed that THC and other cannabinoids like CBD slow growth and the cause death in particular types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Moreover, lot of animal studies also report particular cannabinoids may slow growth or decrease spread of some types of cancer. There are some early clinical trials of cannabinoids in curing cancer in humans and so a lot of studies and research are being planned. It may be true that according to studies, cannabinoids can be safe in treating cancer but it is not yet proven that it has also the ability to totally cure or treat the diseases. The use of marijuana can also have some side effects to the human health in both the physical and mental aspects. Thus, it is always recommended to always consult with your doctor before trying anything. It is also necessary to get marijuana supplies and find legal cannabis near you from a reliable and licensed retail outlet.

Ultimately, the use of cannabis can be very crucial in different disease. However, we should still continue to conduct research to prove its benefits to our health.