Best Steps To Do When You’re Experiencing Ensomnia

People who have insomnia have to face the difficulty of sleeping. This is what insomnia does to you and it is typical for one who suffers from it to be unable to close his or her eyes. Insomnia is strictly a sleeping disorder but it is what causes it that should be addressed in order to cure it.

Sometimes, medications you take can cause ensomnia. For example, if you have low Modafinil tolerance and you took higher dosage, you’d get a good chance of experiencing lack of sleep at night. But here are few types of ensomnia you might experience regardless of the root cause:

Initial Insomnia

This is the kind of insomnia that you can easily identify after turning off your lights to go to sleep. You will know that you have it if it takes you more than 30 minutes in the dark before you get to go to sleep. This is caused by the over activity of your mind and this is something that can be treated easily. All you have to do is try and stop thinking so much. If you are thinking of events that happened during the day or what you will do tomorrow, let go of these thoughts and concentrate on nothing. You shouldn’t worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself.

Middle Insomnia

This type of insomnia actually happens after you go to sleep. The problem lies in trying to maintain good sleep throughout the night. You might find yourself waking up regularly throughout the night and end up fully awake 30 minutes before the actual time that you are supposed to wake up in the morning. This can cause your body great aches and pains because it was not able to rest completely. This might be caused by stress that has amassed over a particular period of time. You may also be unconsciously manifesting a certain fear that keeps you awake the whole night worrying. This can also be caused by particular medications that you have been taking for other conditions. These medicines may contain chemicals that keep your mind and body alert even throughout your resting times. To avoid middle insomnia, consult your doctor regarding the medications and if they have side effects on sleep, ask for another medication that will help you sleep better at night and function better during the day.

Late Insomnia

Also characterized as terminal insomnia, this is the kind wherein you wake up way before the time that you are supposed to. Even though you may have a slept for a few hours, this insomnia still affects you because your body will still feel as if it has not rested. The minimum number of hours to rest is about 6.5 hours but there are people who need more than that amount of time to rest. Usually caused by fear, stress, anxiety and probably something that is medically induced, this type of insomnia can also be cured but it will take time and dedication.

Eating light dinner will help avoid sleeplessness. The fuller the stomach, the harder your digestive system works overtime, preventing you from sleeping. In order to avoid late insomnia, listening to soothing music before going to sleep will also help. Avoid watching the news and other depressing reality issues that will only trigger anxious thoughts, keeping you from getting the rest and the sleep that you need.

Insomnia is a condition that is not seriously considered to be harmful by the medical community. This is why there are only limited solutions for it such as better exercise and some prescription drugs. The real cause however is found in the way people deal with stress, fear, and overall situation in life. What you can do to cure it depends on your willingness to relax at the right times and also on your dedication to induce sleep at the right times. Other activities include avoiding eating sugary foods and drinks like coffee that contain caffeine, a substance that denies your body and mind from sleep. You should also quit smoking if you do smoke and avoid eating heavy meals before resting. With a regular sleeping schedule, insomnia can actually be stopped. The more that you follow a regular schedule, the better chances are that you will suppress the possibility of insomnia affecting your health.