Beginner Guide on How to Study Bible

The noblest quest that a godchild can embark upon is to know the easiest way to know and understand their God better. To accomplish their quest in the better way possible, the Godchild must carefully read the book written by God, The Bible. It communicates who He is and His plan for humankind and earth. There are different ways to learn and study the Bible, but the most proven approaches to read and understand God’s word involves three simple steps:

  • Observation 
  • Interpretation
  • Application   


Observation is the first and most crucial step towards studying the Bible. As you proceed reading the Bible’s text, you have to look carefully at what God has to say and how he has said the things. You may also look for the online Wednesday Bible Quotes that give you life lessons derived from the Bible. Ensure to learn terms, but not the words, structures, cause and effects. 


Interpretation is the process of exploring the true meaning of the passage, the author’s main thoughts and ideas, God. You have to answer the questions raised in between your observation, and it will help you in the process of smooth interpretation. Five clues that can help you understand the main points of the author are:

  • Context
  • Cross-references 
  • Culture
  • Conclusion
  • Consultation       


Application means to apply the life lessons that we learn from the Bible. We all want to change our lives by becoming obedient to God and growing like Christ by following his commands. Once you have successfully observed the passage and interpreted or understood it in your best capacity, it is the time to apply the truth into your life. Also, check what Wednesday Bible Quotes have to say about the life lessons before applying them to your life. Be the Godchild, and try using these methods to study the Bible.