Are You a Self Help Book Addict?

Are you reading more than one self help book a month? Are book debts piling up on your credit cards? Have you neglected everything else in your life, to carelessly run off to Barnes and Noble to purchase the latest nonsensical treatise on becoming rich and happy? You might already be a self help book addict, and not know it.

Reading self help books has become a dangerous and addictive habit. This is why I’ve created my new groundbreaking course – Breaking the Self Help Addiction. Don’t be fooled by imitators, this is the only course guaranteed to help you break the self help book habit, forever.

Each year thousands of self help books are jammed onto the shelves of your local book store. Every conceivable subject, no matter how basic and intuitive is covered. Some professor, would have you re-learn your toilet habits, “Going to the Bathroom for Dummies.”

The self-help market is so huge, there are books narrowly targeted into topics like, low self esteem for lesbian, feminist, skin heads, and assertiveness training for Hispanic midgets. There is even a low self esteem section at your local book store, although most people with low self esteem are usually too embarrassed to ask for it, by name. Do not become addict to the books of andy frisella to overcome from depression stage. There is boost in the self-esteem of the patients to participate in different courses. The availability of the best services is there to meet with the specifications and requirements. 

On the store shelves, the classics are being replaced by books on spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. The latest, written by someone with a toothy grin, and a 10 year old police record, for beating his ex wife, with a two by four.

It would be great if reading these books solved all your problems. But, if you spend all your time reading and worrying, you won’t have time to tackle your problem, in the first place.

Take clutter: Many folks are either too lazy to throw things out, or just don’t like to part with things. When you can’t walk through a room, or it smells as if there may be a dead organism at the bottom of a never ending pile of stuff, you might have a clutter problem. According to the self help industry, clutter problems are caused by a mental disorder similar in severity to alcoholism. There are countless books, and clutter support groups. I recently saw a couple on Oprah crying because the clutter problem in their house was out of control.

What would your mom do? When you were a child, she would tell you to clean your room. When you didn’t do it, you would get your butt kicked. The ass whooping system worked a lot better than books, support groups, 12 step programs, and people putting themselves through a never ending cycle of depression and self pity. If you need to organize all your stuff into cheap plastic containers, there’s a company called Rubbermaid and there’s a store called Walmart. Hopefully, that clutter control book is at the bottom of that never ending pile of stuff.

If you’ve come to the brilliant conclusion, that doing such unpleasant tasks like cleaning up after yourself is not fun, than listen to some audio books while you’re working. If turning off your television to accomplish these tasks has become too traumatic to bear, believe me you’ll get over it. You won’t miss much. When you tune back in, big bald guys, will still be breaking up fights on the Jerry Springer Show. Ellen will still be spasmodically dancing like a gay, white person. And, the medical staff on Grey’s Anatomy will still be more concerned with their sex lives than on some old guy’s kidney.

In the good old days we didn’t need self-help books. People with low self esteem were bullied by insensitive, obnoxious, high school coaches and loud mouthed parents. They were forced to confront and defeat their weaknesses. Most did. The unsuccessful ones either committed suicide or ended up on skid row, performing the noble task of thinning the herd.

We didn’t need Sex for Dummies in the good old days. A 20 minute porno movie was all the primer a young man needed, to learn the skilled techniques of love making. If he made a mistake, he learned on the job.

You can’t buy a self help book for the purpose of breaking the self help book habit. That would be like blowing your brains out with a revolver, to protest handguns. That is why you must attend this course. The course is organized into the familiar 12 step program that so many self help enthusiasts are comfortable with. With 12 steps, we can make the course 12 weeks long. More profit for us. Free up your spare time by breaking the self help book habit today.