An Epic Comedy Movie Recap
  1. Tropic Thunder

This is a hilarious and inventive movie starring Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Junior amongst others stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise and Jack Black. I love these actors and have watched several other movies of them on ilgeniodellostreaming. This epic comedy is set in the jungle in and bordering Laos and also includes scenes in Hollywood, California. The concept of this movie revolves around a group of actors filming a movie. Yes, how ironic, I know. This is an action packed movie that kept me laughing out loud the entire film and it’s one movie you just can’t miss! With scenes like “simple jack” and the Tivo incident this movie is dangerously funny.

  1. Pineapple Express

This movie features Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny R. McBride. These 3 actors are a hilarious combination. With a small role even from popular MAD TV actor Bobby Lee. This movie’s plot thickens around a pot smoking, process server delivering a subpoena and witnesses a murder involving him and his weed dealer. The name Pineapple Express is used in this film as a strain of marijuana that plays a major role in the movie’s plot. I found this film to be refreshing and will absolutely make anyone with a good sense of humor laugh.

  1. Step Brothers

This film features the epic duo from Talladega Nights, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly but instead of best friends in this film they are wed into as Step Brothers. The cool twist about this movie is that both characters are 40 year old mama’s boys, have no jobs and both still live at home. These old men acting like teenagers is a riot and is more then worth the time to watch this hilarious movie! Two thumbs way up for this 2008 genius comedy.

  1. Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist

This timeless comedy revolves around two young teens and one wild night. This movie features the popular and up and coming actors and actress Michael Cera, Kat Dennings and Aaron Yoo. After Micheal Cera’s hit debut into box office hits he had more then a million fans going to see this movie on young love, fun and mixed tapes. Nick and Nora, or should I say, Michael and Kat have been known as the epic “quirky” pair of the year that everyone adores. Both sweet and funny, this is a movie I could watch a hundred times and never grow sick of.

  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This comedy features Jason Segel, Kristen Bell and That 70’s Show actress Mila Kunis was a box office hit and a funny movie that will keep us all laughing for years to come. This movie is based a relationship that takes a turn for the worst and the couple breaks up only to create a whole new plot on revenge, anger and trying to win back the sweet, blonde Kristen Bell playing Sarah Marshall.

  1. Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa

This is a movie the entire family can enjoy for years and years to come not just in it’s releasing year of 2008. This hit animated comedy is a sequel to the popular animated movie Madagascar. This movie includes voices from popular actors Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer and the ever hilarious Chris Rock. In this plot charismatic animals from a New York Zoo suddenly find themselves in the jungles of Africa and meet one of the character’s family members. However these lost zoo animals aren’t exactly cut out for the jungle and ready for life away from the big apple. This movie is 5 stars and I recommend everyone to see this epic animated family comedy.

  1. Role Models

In this movie convicts Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd, aka, Danny and Wheeler are sentenced to 150 hours community service which entitles taking two very cute and feisty boys under there arms as role models. This comedy is amazing and the young actors in this film are sure to be seen in many following after a bang on performance bringing in millions of laughs and dollars. two thumbs up and worth the hour and a half, time and time again!

  1. Zack and Miri Make A Porno

Another hilarious and funny, off beat comedy featuring Seth Rogen. This movie also features the lovely female actress Elizabeth Banks and male actor Jason Mewes. I must say Seth Rogen has become a huge name in comedy and I absolutely love everything this guy is in! And according to the box office, so does America! In this film lifelong so called “platonic” best friends decide to make a sex tape to fix their financial problems and then they realize that love may in the mix. This oddly strange and unusual comedy is one to die laughing over.

  1. Drillbit Taylor

A group of kids hire a “low budget” bodyguard to protect them on the school playground and to keep them safe from bully’s in this gut bursting comedy. The cast includes actors and Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile, Ian Roberts and bodyguard Owen Wilson. This is another hilarious performance from 5 star actor Owen Wilson and a promising film for the young actors to become Hollywood’s next top hunks or punks as least! You don’t want to miss this delightful comedy genre movie!

  1. Kung-Fu Panda

Last but certainly not least another animated film featuring Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman. This extremely funny and heart warming tale revolves around a very lazy panda overcoming his obstacles and living his dreams as a Kung-Fu Master. He must defend the jungle along side a group of cute and hilarious side kick animal characters.

So if you missed them in 2008 don’t let these pantie wetters pass you by in 2009. No matter what year it is these epic comedy movies will always be worth a good laugh!