Air Travel Tips to Make Your Flight Easier

Taking an airplane is probably the fastest way to get to anywhere right now. It is also so much faster then it is to drive. There are many people who love to fly. You get to see the great views and get where you are going in a hurry. Then there are those like my mom who absolutely hate to fly and would do anything to get out of it. Here are just a few good tips for you to make your flight much better. It can truly be the best way to travel.

What to pack?

The worst part of traveling by plane is the deciding what to bring with you on the plane. You should always try to pack as light as you can to stop any possible problems from arising. You should only take what you are going to absolutely need so you can get through the lines as quick as possible. You have to remember that you are going to have to lug your bags around. You do not want to hurt your back on every trip just to bring the jumbo hair dryer. Just tell your wife to leave the ten pairs of shoes at home in the closet. A very important thing to do is make sure that you take enough socks and underwear for the entire trip so you don’t have to try to find a store selling your size at three in the morning. You also want to take along at least one outfit for everyday. You may want more then one pair depending on what the weather is going to be like where you are going. There are a lot of places the weather changes drastically from hour to hour each day. Take the clothes that you will be most comfortable in and that you will not freeze in or boil alive in. Make sure to bring some kind of coat no matter where you go. If you are going on a business trip, then make sure that you bring clothes that are suitable for your business needs. It would also be a good idea to bring an umbrella if you wear clothes that could be wrecked by the weather.

Motion sickness!

If you get airsick easily while flying an airplane, then you may want to think about bringing some Dramamine to keep you feeling good. Dramamine has worked very well for everybody I know. There are lots of other drugs that can also help you if you need something stronger. The most important thing to remember about this kind of medicine is to take your medicine before you are ready to fly. Most of the drugs used to help motion sickness are designed to stop it before it starts. You may be able to get some medicine in the airport store if you forgot to get some or you ran out. If you do have to buy it in the airport take it as soon as you can. If you forget to take your medicine before you go chew some mint gum it normally seems to help. You always have airsick bags in the plane handy for a last resort if you are going to be sick.

Arrive at the airport early!

When you are taking a plane, the best advice I can give you is to get there at least a couple hours before your flight. There is so much security at the airports and you will be slowed down a lot if there is any sort of problem. There is a huge chance that you may miss your flight if you do not give yourself enough time to get through all the checks. You will not get a refund in most cases if you miss your plane. You should allow lots of time for the delays. They will inevitably come up at the worst time possible and you will wish you showed up earlier.

Pack some fun.

Flights are very long and boring if you are traveling alone or with children. One way to pass the time is to bring along something for you to do while you are on your flight. Crossword puzzles, good books, hand held video games, magazines from the gift shops, and mp3 players with music or audio books, laptops to do a little work or watch a movie, are all great ideas to keep you busy. This will keep your mind occupied and the time will fly. If you have kids that need to be kept quiet or calm, coloring books, portable DVD players, video games, and portable board games like boggle are a huge help for them.

These are just a few great tips that you can find to help you have a great trip. It is the fastest and safest way to travel. Be safe and have a great trip or vacation.

The above tips are only a few of them as there are numerous things that you carry along with you to make a long and hectic flight engaging and quite enjoyable to pastime as not many people are comfortable with long durations that are seen most when traveling from one country to another. To make things worse, last minute flights have also become scarce these days due to ongoing security issues.