Aging vs. Forever Young: Anti-Aging Tips

So what is mortal’s ultimate wish? I guess ‘immortality’ never will happen but the wish for attaining ‘it’ always exists! And that is to stay young forever. Yes, immortality and staying young are two different stories. Have you ever screamed in surprise when one normal morning, when you looked at the mirror, you saw some wrinkled lines below your eye? Surprise, surprise! That is a sign of aging. Aging makes our body weak and thus making us prone to diseases. We can have problems in our bones like osteoporosis, arthritis and we can be prone to any sickness because our metabolism gets “old” too. Actually, we must not be surprise of aging because it is a natural phenomenon. All that we can do is to slow down aging if not PREVENT it. Prevent it? Really? What’s in your mind right now is right; the answer to that is “staying young”. Now, let’s get to staying-young-business thing.

In order to feel young, you must be healthy. Eat nutritious foods and stay away from fatty, cholesterol rich and junk foods. Remember; when you age, you get high percentage of having heart diseases such as heart attack. Diseases like this depend on what you eat. What you take inside your body will get outside your body. So, as much as possible eat things rich in vitamins and minerals, and also, stay away from bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. Use beauty products that help you maintain your younger looks. There are products that specialize in something that you need, like the moisturizer. From the word itself, it moisturizes dry or dull skin, use moisturizer to solve this kind of skin problem. Protect yourself from the harmful surroundings; have protection from UV rays and pollution. Like my mom always say; “sun is the greatest enemy of our skin.”, so use cream that can block UV rays which can damage the skin, make your face a priority of this cream. Your face is the first thing that can be penetrated by the harmful ray. If you happen to have gray hair saying hi to the world, then say goodbye to it by covering it up by hair colors. Gray or white hair makes your age obvious, and don’t wear passé or corny clothes. You don’t need professional make-up artist or professional hair stylist or professional fashion stylist to have a pleasant appearance you know that. And last, but not the least; have a healthy mind. Think positively and stay away from stress or at least manage your stress. Even though you have products that can give you a younger looking appearance stress makes you old. Hence, taking plant based nitric oxide supplement will help you get over this negativity.

These are as good as having a spell or charm that can make you young, which by the way, exist only in movies or fictional books. With these tips, you can now have an appearance that is younger to your age. You will look young, feel young, be young and be forever young!