5 Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Home Business

A small business rarely has a lot of funds to dedicate to promotion and marketing campaigns; this causes strain on the business as sales remain stagnant while the time invested stays high. If you’re serious about stepping up the game and promoting your business than you’ll want to use these five low cost ways detailed in this article.

Method 1: Start a website or blog

A great, low cost way to promote your home business is to get online and begin engaging others on the web. Create content and post it to your blog or website. Drive visitors back to your site where they can find additional information and later convert to a customer.

Method 2: Hand out fliers, business cards or other print material

It’s time to hit the streets! Get out there around your neighborhood, town or city and start passing out fliers and businesses cards to whoever takes them. Don’t feel ashamed that you’re on the street promoting your business because at the end of the day you’ll be the successful one in comparison to the business owner that tries to wait for business to come to them.

Method 3: Market through word-of-mouth and referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most powerful form of promotion for small and large businesses. Besides offering a great product that people want to talk about, you can also engage users on social media and face-to-face which creates a better relationship and a higher chance that the customer tells their friends and family. One additional tip is to offer an incentive for a referral such as a free item or cash!

Method 4: Utilize online advertising platforms

Unlike paid advertising through television, radio and other print media, online advertising is dirt cheap and can offer a greater variety of marketing methods to promote your business. The easiest to start with is Google Adwords which will let you bid on keywords which correspond to the ad you plan to list within the Google Network. From Adwords, you can later work on banner ads, article sponsorships and more!

Method 5: Pick up the phone and make some calls

Cold calling is not dead – believe it or not, you can still gain a lot of business just by picking up the phone and calling local people and business. With that being said, however, you should try to create an interaction that less focused on sales and more toward the customer and your overall relationship – this eventually will lead to a sale because of the constant contact and helpfulness.


The name of the game is hustle. You must get out there as a small business owner and be ready to do your best to promote your small business. You don’t have to invest large sums of money to increase your customers; each of the low cost methods detailed in this post will be more than enough to create a successful business.

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