5 Effects of the Return of the Old Wilderness and Free Trade

As anyone who plays runescape regularly knows, jagex , the company that owns and runs the MMORPG known as ” Runescape ” has recently removed trade regulations and has reinstated the old wilderness, people that have played the game prior to the institution of the Grand Exchange and the removal of the wilderness will now be able to play the game as they knew and loved it. Certain modifications for Xbox One have been done through the developers. The gaming experience of the players will be increased from the modifications being done.

  1. Pures moving to ” Impures “

with the bounty hunter model that was in place before jagex reinstated the old wilderness, many players had “pure” melee accounts that focused on getting attack to 40 and raising strength as high as possible, this was a pretty cost effective account because a weapon was really all that was needed. armor was extremely easy to come by (iron was usually what was used, making it extremely cheap) and with the +1 item worlds, these pures would almost never lose any money. with the old wilderness coming back, these pures will most likely need to raise both their prayer to 24 (protect item) and raise their defense to protect themselves, some will also raise magic to 25 to allow themselves a safe teleport out of the wilderness should they get ambushed.

  1. Increase in Bans

as many players know the reason that Jagex put in the trade restrictions was the fact that there were alot of scammers trying to cheat people out of their gold and items, and a lot of real world trading, or trading real world money for items or gold in game. and now with this system removed, people will likely begin to trade real world items more often, and some of these people will be caught and permanently banned. the scammers will just earn a temporary ban, unless they are a repeat offender

  1. Return of Merchanting

everyones favorite way to make money, Buy low, sell high. the addition of the Grand Exchange took this away for the most part and made many players pretty angry, now there will be a lot more players with an extremely large amount of cash and expensive items, this is what made the game fun for most people prior to the trade restrictions

  1. More new, but strong characters

with the trade restrictions removed some people will start a new account and transfer wealth and equipment to that character, giving them an advantage over a majority of the other new players, these players will be experienced and know the ins-and-outs of the game, they know where and how to train, what to buy and sell, and most of all, which players to target. so be on the lookout for these better players

  1. A happier community

The community will be happier now that they have gotten what they want. a vast majority of players asked for these changes to be made and they got it. now they can play the game the way they like it and still be able to have fun, merchanting, PK, starting new characters. its all part of the fun and now its better than ever