4 Tips To Make Good Money In FH4 Like A Pro

Forza Horizon 4 or FH4 is a popular car racing game which is available for playing on Xbox and PC.  This open world game can also be played on mobile platforms. You can have forza 4 android downloaded from the internet. An important aspect of playing FH4 is how amazing your car collection is. You need to buy cars with credits and some of them are quite costly. But fret not, the game provides opportunities for you to earn some quick bucks easily as well.

How to make money in Forza Horizon 4?

  1. Participate in races

You should participate in races and missions to increase your chances of winning. Winners are rewarded with cash, so try to take part in as many competitions as you can.

  1. Increase difficulty levels

The tougher the race is to win, the better are the rewards for the winners. Thus you should aim to increase your drivatar level to help you win some extra bucks when you win a race. However, ensure that you don’t make the game too difficult for yourself which decreases your chances of winning.

  1. Tweak driving assists

You should look to adjust your driving assists once you select a difficulty level for yourself. This can include turning off the driving line or disabling the “rewind” option. These tweaks help save you some money and thus are important when you’re looking to earn money in FH4.

  1. Make use of Wheelspins

You can earn Wheelspins when you reach a new tier in a racing game, or when you buy properties, also when buying perks on most vehicles available in FH4. Wheelspins help you earn credits or even a car. Super Wheelspins are even better as each spin gives you three random items. You can even sell a car that you earn from Wheelspins.