The Essential Guide In Choosing Gifts For Sci-Fi Movie Lovers

When the time for gift-giving fast approaches, whether it’s a holiday or other special occasion, there are few people easier to please than fans of sci-fi movies. Coming from someone like me, a proud, self-admitted sci-fi geek, that’s no slight against the fans. Indeed, we’re a passionate bunch, and many of us foster more than just a passing interest in the genre. It’s not uncommon for those who love sci-fi movies to become hardcore enthusiasts and collectors, making it pretty easy for to figure out just what kind of gifts would make us happy.

Yes, we love to receive fruit baskets every now and then, such as those from But if one such sci-fi movie fan happens to be on your shopping list this year, you won’t go wrong with one (or more) of these great gifts. Take it from this lover of sci-fi movies, the only reason your favorite sci-fi fan wouldn’t want one of these items is if he or she already has it, so make sure to find out in advance!

The Home Theater:

LG LHB335 Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System

The biggest ticket item on the list, the most obvious choice for a true lover of sci-fi movies is a great home theater system to watch those movies in the first place. This system includes a Blu-ray and 5.1 sound system right in the box, so all you have to do is hook it up to an existing HDTV and you’re ready to go. On sale at for $299.99, it’s an excellent value.

Why a home theater is especially important for sci-fi fans

Unlike fans of other genres, sci-fi fans have a particular need for a great home theater system. After all, it’s quite possible that modern science fiction blockbusters are the best movie showcase of high definition visual and sound effects. Your favorite fan will appreciate the chance to enjoy the sound of every last laser blast and starship, as well as the minute visual detail of computer-generated sci-fi creatures and worlds.

The movies: The best recent sci-fi releases on Blu-ray

Once a sci-fi fan has a solid home theater the other essential item he or she will need is a movie to watch! Luckily, sci-fi movies get top-notch releases on Blu-ray, and there have recently been several great movies made available on the format. The biggest sci-fi movie to come to Blu-ray is undoubtedly a little film you might just be familiar with, “Avatar”, made by one of the genre’s premier directors, James Cameron. is selling the three-disc collector’s edition with an extended version of the film for around $25. Undoubtedly the other great sci-fi movie in recent memory is “Inception”, with a two-disc edition available at for $18. Of course, no list of great recent releases would be complete without mentioning “Iron Man 2”, with the two-disc Blu-ray edition available for $24.

Other odds and ends for sci-fi movie fans

There are few sci-fi movie buffs who aren’t also lovers of the Star Wars franchise, which makes the Star Wars Cook Book a unique surprise for older fans who like to spend time in the kitchen. If cooking isn’t their thing, you couldn’t go wrong with the Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary. Featuring some of the most memorable music of any sci-fi movie in recent years, Daft Punk’s soundtrack for “Tron: Legacy” would also make a great gift.

Are You Looking To Buy Noopept Powder?

Smart Drugs have another variety called Noopept. It has got various advantages but at the same time different side effects also. It helps to improve the cognitive potential and comes at a little cost so that people may use it regularly. Noopept is a synthetic drug, and it was developed in Russia during the 20th Century. The main aim of this drug was to help people deal with declining abilities cognitive in elders. Since it was a cheap solution, many people bought, but it also caused problems for people’s social care in their old age.

If you are looking for Noopept Powder, you can buy it online from different websites.

It is a known website, and also has an excellent reputation. Since this company did a rebrand, very few people know about Various people used to buy from the old domain, and many people haven’t also realized that under both names, there is the same company. supplies excellent quality of nootropics for many years. Also, it’s site has a unique User Interface, and looks professional, and comprehensive. It has a wide range of smart drugs at an affordable price. Also, it has got free shipping in the US.

It is another website which deals with such supplements and a vast range of products. People sell different varieties of nootropics and various other supplements, which helps to have a better life performance level. Noopept Powder and capsules are available on the website, and you may subscribe for a monthly supply, which costs very less. Also, they give a money-back guarantee and free shipping over a certain amount. It is a potent drug, and you should be aware of its side effects and advantages.

Both of these websites are great if you are looking to buy nootropic drugs online, as both of them are trustworthy.

Helpful Cheats To Know For Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare is the long awaited follow-up by Infinity Ward and their highly rated Call of Duty 2. If it was the developer’s intent to show the gamer that war is indeed Hell, then they succeeded with jarring combat with smarter enemies and deadlier weapons. The biggest change past Call of Duty fans will notice is how intense this game will be in single player mode. While you are trying to take out numerous enemies, most of which will be resourceful and will not stop coming at you. To help you mow down your enemies and to arrive alive, here are some cheats to help you through Call of Duty 4.

Of course, there are cheats for you to gain the upperhand in this game. But unlike DOTA wherein the best advantage is by gaining dota 2 boosting, there’s a unique cheat pattern for Call of Duty 4.

The differences with the cheats in Call of Duty 4 are the cheats are not unlocked by inserting passwords or a series of buttons. Rather you will need to acquire thirty Intel pieces that are strategically placed in enemy laptops throughout the game. Here is a breakdown of how many Intel pieces that can be found on certain levels of the game. On levels 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 19, you will be able to find two Intel pieces per level. On levels 5, 9, and 13, you will have the chance to find three Intel pieces per level. There is also one Intel piece on Level 17, to give you a grand total of 30 pieces. If a level is not listed above, then you will not find any Intel pieces in your travels.

Now that you have some Intel pieces, the question is what you can do with them. If you enjoy the black and white movies from the early years, the Call of Duty Noir cheat is for you. All you need is 2 Intel pieces to access this. If you want the game to feel like a Silent Movie, then you will need 8 Intel pieces to access this cheat. You want to increase the output of your frag grenades? All you will need is 10 Intel pieces to access the Cluster Bomb cheat which will make one grenade explosion equal to five grenades. One of the more comical cheats is the Bad Year cheat, which requires 15 Intel pieces. Once this cheat is activated, your enemies will explode into tires when they are shot. If you are having a hard time keeping up with your enemies, slow them down with the Slow-Mo Ability cheat. To activate this cheat, it only requires 20 Intel pieces. Infinite Ammo cheat is one that every shooter game has and Call of Duty 4 is no exception. To access this cheat, you will need to have 30 Intel pieces at your disposal.

In Call of Duty 4, there are several unlockable modes and items gamers may want to access. If you want to unlock the Arcade mode, you will need to beat the game completely on any difficulty setting. Once activated, you will have two options for the game, full challenge or level challenge, in case there are certain levels you want to bypass. Looking to unlock the Prestige mode for Call of Duty 4, you will need to reach experience level 55 in the multiplayer mode. Instead of capping out at level 55, you will start again at level one. This can be repeated a total of ten times in the games to show others of your expertise at Call of Duty 4.

When it comes to the multiplayer mode, there are several weapons that become unlockable when you reach a certain level or complete certain challenges. To wet your appetite, here is a short list of a few of those special weapons in Call of Duty 4. At the unlucky rank 13, you will unlock a Mini Uzi. When you reach rank 46, you can unlock a M14 Assault Rifle. At rank 49 you can unlock a Barret Sniper Rifle. When your character reaches level 55, you can unlock a Golden Desert Eagle Pistol. If you are able to complete all assault rifle challenges, you will unlock an AK-47 assault rifle.

With a little luck and the above listed cheats, your experience with Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare will be an enjoyable one and remind you that war is indeed Hell.

Are You Looking For Some Tips To Select The Best Roofing Company? Here Are The 8 Best Tips.

For many of us, the roof system is a significant expense. Being the largest exterior component of the building, it is one of the essential building elements which are built primarily on different sites. It is most reliant when installing adequately for success in the long term. A roof system is usually constructed with various components, which are separate like flashings, membrane, deck, insulation, and many more — all the elements are required with perfection and in a proper synchronized way.

Here are eight tips an individual should consider while choosing a commercial roofing company.

  • An individual should look for actual cost

 Cost is one of the most determining factors for choosing a commercial roofing company for your project.

  • An individual should prequalify a commercial roofing company

 If you would like to select a contractor who is based on a high cost, you must know it is essential to make the company prequalify.

  • You should look for the scope of work

 Various roofing systems and roof materials would be available on the shallow scale market. Also, you will find different application methods for Roof repair overland park.

  • Financial strength

 You should try to gain a company’s financial records so that it would help you to know the finances of the company.

  • You should note down experience and history

 Experience is one of the crucial factors in determining the company’s reputation in the roofing field.

  • Service record

 You will find various roofing contractors with worse and good service records. You should be able to find the best roofing company with a service record.

  • A company should have the best track record

You should try to gain all the references of the project a company has done.

  • The company should provide safety records

 The company needs to provide a record of safety.

Conversion Of Youtube Video To Mp3 Files

Some websites or software and browser extension can help in stripping out the audio part of any YouTube video. It also helps in converting it to MP3 files. If you have this converter tool, you can easily listen to the audio portion of the video offline.

Is downloading legal?

Is this downloading legal? is another question arising in the mind of the person downloading the same? One can easily download and convert own personal YouTube videos, as well as various public domain and non-copyrighted videos. One also needs to find out what is tubidy?

Various YouTube to MP3 File converter:

YouTube MP3

Is a website that is quick to work on and also a convenient one. You need to copypaste the URL of the YouTube video that you wish to convert. You need to add the link, click on the download button option, and the file conversion starts. You can also convert the other video while one is being downloaded.

Gen YouTube

Is a user-friendly website that helps the users to convert YouTube videos into MP3 as well as other formats of audio and video. One just needs to copy and paste the link to a YouTube video in the search bar. YouTube starts playing the video, and after selecting the format of the audio, one can download the file.

4K Video Downloader

Is a conversion program that helps one to download it. With this downloader, one can convert and download the various YouTube videos as audio files or videos. After selecting the format from the video options and the quality of the video, one can start downloading.

MP3 Rocket

Is a program that can convert and download videos from YouTube and other websites into video or audio files. For converting the video, copy and paste the URL of the video to MP3 format and click on the convert button.

How to Save on a Vacation Condo Rental

You are ready for some sun and fun or a trip to the mountains, but a single room in a hotel or motel just does not sound so inviting. What you really want is a place with a living room and a separate bedroom for the kids or other guests. You may even be looking for a kitchen to prepare a meal or two.

Your mind begins to think about a condo rental for this vacation. A quick scan of the prices and a motel is sounding better. How do you find a great deal on a condo rental? Although nothing is for certain, you can find a deal or two with a little work and planning in advance. When you want to rent a condo in some popular area, you need some guidelines to save some money. With Chip Eng Seng you can have a list of popular and best rental condos that are available. It is really easy for you to book yourself a condo and enjoy your vacations.

Rent from a friend or family member.

Alright so this is possible for only a small percent of those looking for a vacation rental. The reality is that if you network a little, there are condos that can be rented for significant discounts if you can rent it directly from the owner. Not everyone who owns a vacation condo wants to let it be rented through an agent.

These people do not need the rental money to pay for the condo. So, they only rent it out a few times a year to friends, family, and sometimes friends of friends. Do some poking around. You may surprise yourself at how quickly someone is able to make a connection for you. You have to be brave enough to ask to rent it, but to save hundreds of dollars on a few days or a week of rental, it is worth it.

Buy unused vacation points from club members.

Some people have bought upgrades to vacation time share property. When they do this, it is common for them to accrue more points than they can or will use. Unlike condo owners, these folks are frequently working deals to trade their points for money. They can sell you their excess points that can be used to purchase deep discounts at great condos in prime locations. Some of these packages can get you a 3 to 5 room condo for under $100 per night. These properties are extremely well maintained and are frequently within walking distance of your destination.

Go on vacation just before or after the peak season.

When you go on vacation at times away from the peak season, you run the risk of less than ideal conditions. It may be cooler at the beach, or the snow skiing may be a little rough. The savings can be colossal. Many of these condo rentals can be purchased for half price or lower during the off season. One week or two can make all the difference in the world regarding the price.

The pricing in these areas just falls off of the cliff when the peak season ends. People who shop for these deals find that condos with a rental cost of $2,000 per week during the peak season will cost $750 per week two weeks later. If you are willing to take the risk, it will usually pay off big.

Rent a condo that is a little farther away from the action.

Condos that are not right on the beach or a short walk from the attraction cannot command the prices of those that are. If you do not mind a little inconvenience, it can translate into a big savings. These savings are substantial during the peak seasons and are even sweeter during the off peak times. Frequently, these condos will offer shuttle service to their guests. Others may have some amenities not found at the prime locations. They may even be larger and better furnished.

Book your condo at the last minute.

You may find that there are no condo rentals available at the last minute in you preferred spot. If you can be flexible with two or three locations, you will almost always find a bargain condo rental. If the agents believe that the condo will sit vacant for a week, they will often drop the price to make the rental happen.

If you are booking last minute, try negotiating the price. You may be surprised by the amount that you will save. If someone has cancelled with late notice, the rental will already have made its money for the week. Finding another renter at the last minute is just icing on the cake for the agent.

How Safe is Your Crib?

Imagine walking into your infant’s room and finding her trapped beneath the crib mattress, strangling on the mattress support slats. That is what happened to me. It was single handedly the most terrifying moment of my entire life.

When I was pregnant, we looked high and low to find the best possible crib for our budget. After weeks of searching, we finally bought the Simplicity Aspen 4-in-1 crib. This crib has been sold globally at most mass merchant retailers at a price of $130.00. We put it together just before our daughter was due to arrive. For the first ten months, we never had a single issue with the crib.

On May 16, 2007 my son came to tell me that his sister was stuck and hurt. I got up and went to her room, thinking that her leg was stuck in the slats as it has happened numerous times. When I got into her room, I didn’t hear her crying nor did I see her in her crib. Knowing something wasn’t right, I quickly ran over to her crib. I noticed the mattress was slightly raised towards the middle of the crib. I reached down and pulled it up and found my daughter, hands to her side, essentially strangling herself on the mattress support slats. I immediately pushed her towards the center of the slat, forced her head to the side and down, then pulled her out from under the crib. There is no way she could have done that herself as her arms were to her side, while her neck was wedged between the metal slats. If it weren’t for the quick thinking of my three year old son, I shudder to think of what may have happened.

As soon as I got my daughter calmed down and got myself to some level of normal thinking, I found Simplicity’s phone number. As the manufacturer of the crib, I wanted them to know what had just happened. I called them up and got in touch with a seemingly nice and helpful woman. She took all of my information and appeared concerned and shocked at the events that had recently unfolded. She then offered to send me the retail replacement value of the crib, which was about $120.00. She explained that it would take three to five business days for it to arrive. My daughter has only slept in her crib, never anywhere else. What was I to do with her for the next three to five days with no crib to sleep in, instead of choosing the option to let her sleep with us in our full size captains bed? I was not willing to wait the required days, so I asked for the check to be delivered sooner. After talking with her Supervisor, they only agreed to send it one day faster, getting it here in two to three business days.

In January 2006 a 19 month old boy died at the mercy of his Simplicity crib. Apparently, the crib mattress support slats (then wooden) broke and he suffocated between the mattress and the footboard. This information is available at under the “Simplicity Cribs” link. After this tragic incident, Simplicity placed a recall on all of the Aspen 3-in-1 cribs with the Graco logo. A retrofit kit was sent out to fix the apparent problem, therefore ensuring the safety of other children. However, the kits were difficult to install at best.

Simplicity then “upgraded” the crib to a different style. The actual crib is exactly identical to the recalled crib, only the mattress support slats are now metal. This was a very inexpensive quick fix, in my opinion. While it allowed the crib to be more versatile and sturdy, it didn’t prevent an infant from being trapped and strangled by the metal slats.

Simplicity has refused to recall the crib that my infant daughter could have killed herself on yesterday morning. It is my job as a parent to ensure her safety and make sure that other parents are not deceived when purchasing this product. I would love to see the crib mattress support changed from a slatted version to a solid wood slab. This would prevent any child from getting their body between the slats, and their head lodged between the metal bars. My daughter’s life was gratefully spared when she became entrapped. However, I fear that other parents and children will not be as lucky.

As a consumer, we have to take a stand on the products that are intended to keep our children safe. While the crib appears to conform to all Government guidelines, it is clearly unsafe and unreliable. As a parent, your job is to take a stand and keep your child free from harm. If you own, or plan to purchase a Simplicity crib, think twice about your endeavor. As this is not the only manufacturer that uses the slat system, evaluate all the mattress support sections of any crib in your future purchasing plans. Make an effort to do your homework, even calling the manufacturer before you make the purchase.

I will never forget the morning that I found my daughter practically strangulated by the slats under her mattress. How she even got under the mattress is still a question in our mind. We may never know. However, I will feel safer knowing that this crib is off the market or improved to make it safer for all other children who peacefully sleep in this crib.

How to Survive a Home Internet Blackout

Usually, when inclement weather hits our stretch of the Mid-Atlantic, we are lucky. At worst we’ll lose plant or two or have to fix the cord attached to the birdhouse so it will hang again. A recent Nor’easter blowing through Virginia Beach and North Carolina, however, proved near-catastrophic in the sense that we became literally incommunicado for several days. Granted, we had power and running water within hours of the storm’s end, and nobody was physically hurt. But, in this family, take away the Internet and you might as well cut off limbs.

As somebody whose work is primarily done over the Internet, I had to be creative in finding ways to maintain touch with clients and family. My pay-as-you-go cellphone sufficed when I needed to post quick updates to Twitter and Facebook to let people know I was still alive (something I couldn’t do from home, since our landline was connected to the same fiber-optic system that went down), but for serious work I knew I needed to venture out into the pine-needle strewn streets to find affordable, active WiFi access to perform urgent tasks. Depending on where you live, you might find plentiful options to accomplish this. Where I am, it did require some hunting, and I managed to store away a few leads to remember in the future if this ever happens again. But with the best wifi extender, I no longer need to go far away from my house. With this tool, my connectivity has become stronger and reliable.

Where can you go to check your online fantasy sports stats, those YouTube videos of your niece’s piano recital, or that Twitter thread on stock tips you’ve been following? Grab your laptop and take a seat in some of the top temporary WiFi rest stops.
McDonald’s – This fast-food giant pioneered WiFi accessibility in chain restaurants – guests of Ronald and friends have been able to surf the Internet while enjoying a Big Mac and fries since 2003. One thing to note about this service, however, is that it may not be free for everybody. McDonald’s WiFi service is offered through AT T;, and charges may apply if you do not belong on the right plan, or at all. Nevertheless, if you’re having trouble accessing at home and are craving a box of McNuggets, you can kill two birds (but not Birdie) here.

Starbucks – It’s not uncommon to see people sitting here all day and drinking coffee. I’ve seen people personally conduct long-distance meetings on the couch. At Starbucks you’ll find the same AT T; plan as far as wireless is concerned, but there is an opportunity to score free access. When you acquire a Starbucks card, you get two free hours of on-site wireless daily for thirty days. All you have to do is add value to the card or make a purchase once a month to keep it active.
Panera Bread – This popular fast-casual chain serves up free WiFi with their amazing soups, salads, and sandwiches. Where I go the seats are comfortable, the coffee is hot, and there’s no loud music to distract you. The only caveat to using this service is that many sites could be filtered due to objectionable/adult material, something I learned when trying to access a publisher’s website for research. So while you have the advantage of no additional charges to use the access, depending on why you need it you could be limited.

Free WiFi service around town isn’t necessarily limited to restaurants. Research your local libraries and retail malls to see what options are available, and remember to be judicious about what information you transfer. Take care not to divulge too much personal or financial information if you’re not certain the connection is secure. Otherwise, you’ll find these places and others good for temporary Internet connections when your home lines are down.

Free Pokemonmyspace Layouts

Pokémon has been around through many series and movies loved by millions. From card games to toys, it’s hard to avoid coming across merchandise from this show. Save your bucks and show your Pokémon love by putting up a MySpace layout on your profile page!

Ash and Pikachu 

This layout features Ash, Pikachu, and other Pokémon friends. The overall eye appeal looks great and it features complimenting photos. There is a custom contact box which is well made; and the color scheme is yellow and black. You can check out team generator to get a pokemon team that is synchronized according to their stats. It is really easy and effective to improve your gameplay as well. You can even share these stats and team layouts with your friends.


This layout features the Pokémon Victreebel. It is well themed revolving around the color green. The layout comes complete with a custom contact box.


This layout is adorable! It features the puffy pink Pokémon; Clefairy! The color scheme revolves around pinks and is very girly. Layout comes complete with a custom contact box.


This bright and cheerful layout is shining with the color yellow and features the infamous Pokémon – Pikachu! The theme offers transparent boxes so that you are able to view the background image at all times.


This layout revolves around the color red and features a picture which reads “Welcome to my Pokémon page!” You’ll also find Ash, Pikachu, and Clefairy on this theme. The boxes are light pink and semi-transparent.

Assorted Pokemon 

This layout features a collage of many different Pokémon, their number, and their name! The boxes are animated and feature continuous falling rain.

Unique Pikachu 

This is a very different layout than what you might typically see on MySpace. It features Pikachu with “Pika Pi” written towards the top. The box placement is a bit different than the ‘norm’, and there is even a bubble where you can leave comments quickly.

Pokémon Game 

This is a very bright and ‘funky layout. It features Pikachu and Ash. There are many little animated game versions of the two walking. The background image shows off Pikachu and his friends standing under a rainbow. Layout comes complete with a custom contact box.

Spice Up Your Love Life With Printable Love Coupons

Looking for a great way to spice up your love life without spending a lot of cash? Why not consider love coupons that can be easily printed and placed in spots for your loved one to find and redeem? Read on for some great ideas for printable love coupons that will liven up your days and nights! You can get these coupons at Lowes 10% printable coupon. These are absolutely free of cost and you can use them at several stores as well.

First, let’s consider what you want to have on the coupons themselves – printable love coupons don’t have to be flashy or wordy, just an expression of your emotion and a bit flirty and fun to boot! How about a coupon that offers a free foot massage? If your loved one works hard all day the idea of a pampered foot massage may be just what he/she needs! Consider a hand massage for someone who works with his/her hands all day as well – there are plenty of special oils and lotions on the market to help even the novice massager to do a great job!

Not into massages? Then consider printable love coupons for household chores that just have to be done. Taking out the garbage, for example – or how about mowing the lawn or washing the car? Sure, these are mundane chores that seem simple enough but taking it upon yourself to do someone else’s job is always appreciated. Cleaning the eaves troughs or painting the garage may not seem very romantic but can certainly ease the workload of a frantic spouse and help create that romantic mood!

And, of course, let’s not forget the romantic aspect of printable love coupons! From offering a romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant to a night away at a fancy resort or a hotel that holds special memories for the two of you printable love coupons can restart that spark in your relationship! You don’t even have to blow the budget for this one – create printable love coupons for romantic candlelit dinners at home with either takeout or homemade food. And don’t forget the advantages of having printable love coupons to drop the kids off at the grandparents or a friend’s house for the evening!

Now that you’ve got some ideas, let’s make up the coupons! Microsoft Word has some excellent templates as does Avery Office Products for free that will automatically divide your printed page up into small squares, perfect for printable love coupons! Consider downloading or finding clip art of hearts, birds and anything that might please your spouse and adding them to the printable love coupons in order to personalize them and make them uniquely your own!

And don’t be shy about using your color printer! Printable love coupons don’t have to be just about red hearts; use your imagination to add sports pictures such as baseballs and footballs to your coupons to match your spouse’s likes. Even if you don’t have a color printer you can still use your creative side to add images and change the size and font of the words to make your printable love coupons the most romantic and exciting things around!

Now that you’ve created them – what do you do with your printable love coupons? Well, consider delivering them via a secret letter in a lunchbox or briefcase; tucked into a cell phone case or even slipped into an inside pocket of his jacket!

Printable love coupons can be a wonderful and inexpensive way to spice up your love life and put a bit of mystery back into your relationship! Why not sit down at your computer and see what your imagination can run wild with and what printable love coupons you can start creating?

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