How To Correctly Bend A Soccer Ball

Have you ever seen a pro soccer player bend a soccer ball? It may look hard but, in reality it is not. Bending the soccer ball is an important technique to know because it can make it very tricky for the goalie to correctly judge which way the ball is going to go. If you can master the skill you will have no problem getting your shots in on a goalie or around a free kick wall.

First, you need to find a soccer ball and a soccer net you can play on. You can find the perfect equipment for this purpose at TiASYou can use a wall, but I would not recommend it because it makes it hard to see how much you are actually bending the ball. Then, place the ball down on a flat piece of ground with the air hole pointing at your body. Next, you want to run at the ball and strike the outside of the ball with the inside of you kicking foot. If you are right footed you should be hitting the right outside of the soccer ball with the inside of your right foot. If you are left footed you should be hitting the left outside of the soccer ball with the inside of your left foot.

You do not want to strike towards the middle of the ball. When you hit the middle of the ball with the inside of your foot the ball travels on the ground. You want to strike almost underneath the ball lifting it up and causing the ball to go high. When you correctly strike the ball you should notice the ball has side spin. The side spin is what causes the ball to bend. The quicker the side spin, the more the ball will bend.

There is another way to put bend on the ball that most pro’s are able to do. This is striking the ball with the outside of your foot. It requires a lot of leg strength so it is not recommended for starting players. First, place the ball on the ground with the air hole facing you. Next, run up to the ball and hit the outside of the ball with the outside of your foot. If you are right footed you should strike the left outside of the ball with the outside of your right foot. If you are left footed you should strike the right outside of the ball with the outside of your left foot. You should once again see side spin on the ball, but it will be in the opposite direction. This will cause the ball to bend the opposite way of the previous bending you did.

Like most things in soccer, you must practice. The more you practice the better your bends are going to be. If you keep trying daily eventually you will be able to bend the ball well enough to easily beat a goalie. Good luck learning to bend the soccer ball!

E-Commerce Site- Natural Hub For Hackers

Everyone knows what the current situation is regarding job market these days and therefore, you will find youngsters working out their own ways on how to make ends meet in such times.

There is cut throat competition everywhere and nepotism rules the roost where spoilt brats of rich people always have the privilege of getting everything on a silver platter due to their lineage.

The underprivileged ones have no such luxury to their name, despite being way more talented and capable than their elite counterparts but are guilty of being born into a poor or middle class household and grades have apparently taken the backseat here.


It is necessary to work out a way and, fortunately, young folks of current times are cleverer than they are made out to be and it helps that social media is a broad horizon that has changed many lives for the better, with courses and e-commerce websites galore.

But it is not without its share of reservations as hackers abound in the virtual world and are prowling for naïve victims to con and cheat them of their hard earned fortune, which has become a norm today.

Expert Opinion

Cyber experts are of the opinion that if people are a little more careful regarding their personal information and are clever enough to fall into the trap, then the hackers are not difficult to deal with.

Therefore, we have some important tips on how to protect your site, which are as follows:

  1. Get a trademark logo for your site as it will help it differentiate from other websites
  2. Go for only reliable e-commerce sites as there are a lot of fake ones online with ignoble intentions
  3. Learn the technique of how to install an external hard drive so that the data is secure
  4. Keep upgrading your site with new features at regular intervals
  5. Never click on dubious links with quick money schemes
  6. Use a strong and complex password
  7. Go for https format instead of http

GTA 5 Has Sparked Serious Criticisms

GTA 5 is an amazing game that will keep you hooked in for hours. The game piques interests with its stunning visuals, realistic graphics, excellent gta 5 mod menu ps3 and of course mindblowing rewards. But, the Rockstar game has also sparked severe criticisms from several quarters. As per critics, the game uses racially offensive phrases, explicit sexual scenes and violent torture. Moreover, the game has drawn flaks for mis-representation of women in various scenes. The post below shares a brief on the serious drawbacks of GTA 5.

Random usage of racial slurs

Offensive racism seems to be an inseparable part of Grand Auto Theft 5. And that’s a serious disgrace. The “N-word” has been used multiple times widely in the initial gameplay hours. In the contemporary era, when we are still fighting hard to wipe out divisive racism- usage of racial slurs should be condemned by any means. Popular games like GTA 5 are played by billions all over the impact. So, if such a game endorses these kinds of unwanted behavior, it will only send a wrong message to people. Worse, it will only make the current fight to eliminate racism even harder.

Serious mis-representation of women

Critics were not wrong when they pointed out the game has not done justice to women. All the female characters here are either long-suffering grumpy wives, prostitutes, strippers, goofy feminists or humorless girlfriends. Moreover, there are moments in the game where characters seem to have fun groping strippers and they aren’t even caught by bouncers.

Extreme violence

GTA 5 has patronized explicit display of torture and violence, which, to some extent could be compared to the heinous torture meted out by American government to soldiers in Iraq war. Mention must be made of Trevor’s blood-soaked interrogation where he does everything from removing teeth to electrocution to extract details. 

Preparing for a Corporate Job by Working through Recruitment Agencies

Are you planning a career in recruitment? Are you prepared for multi-tasking? Can you handle multiple hiring requirements in a single day? Can you be efficient and productive under stress? Can you handle pressure and still come up with a calm and smiling face at a client meeting? These are some common questions asked during an interview for a staffing coordinator or a recruiter. These agencies are essential for local and นำเข้าแรงงานต่างด้าว to land a job, and for enterprises to find workers. Few tips mentioned here can answer these questions and help to shape your career graph on an all time high as a recruitment consultant. 

As a beginner, you could gain a lot of experience by joining as an intern or a level 1 recruiter at any staffing consultant firm. It helps you gain a lot of knowledge about handling multiple staffing requirements in a day. You also get hands on experience on personally handling the clients and their requirements for various open positions. So, why should you opt for a consulting firm than a corporate organization? Does it look good on your resume? 

If you begin working as a recruiter in a corporate firm, you would handle the same requirements and be involved in vendor management. Working in a consultant firm gives you better understanding of how the vendors work and hire. You would know about the percentage they charge from each client and the pace at which they deliver. If you spend a year or two at a recruitment consultant firm, you would be well equipped to handle multiple clients, know about recruitment terminology such as retainers, sign up rates, invoices and generating offer letters and ensure that the clients pay you on time. 

Recruitment consulting firms also encourage the recruiters to handle their clients independently. As a recruiter in such firms, you can develop a good rapport with the clients and get more open positions and hiring requirements for your team. Closing such deals also help you generate more revenue for your firm and earn you accolades. Many a times, clients tend to offer hiring manager positions to people with hiring experience at consulting firms. 

Recruitment consulting firms also work on a fast pace. The recruiters work on 5-6 open positions from 3-4 clients every day. They schedule interviews on a daily basis with 3-5 clients. At such firms, the recruiters are paid an additional bonus if they manage to close one or two senior mandates or positions such as a senior manager or a CEO. Interestingly, you develop a friendly relation with the people you hire. These can be of immense help when you look for a change in job and seek references. 

Once you complete a year or two working in a staffing consultant firm, you can lookout for an opening in the corporate sector and bigger businesses. You would stand a better chance since you would know how to deal with vendors, work on multiple hiring requirements, handle stress and coordinate with different teams, managers and candidates at the same time. It all depends on how well you can project your skills on the resume and present yourself at the interview. Hence, if you are a beginner in recruitments and looking out for job opportunities, do not neglect an offer from a recruitment consultant firm. It could be your road to success with a lot of knowledge to accumulate during the journey. 

Weight Loss Product Review: NiteTrim

Many months ago, I was sent an email to try the product known as NiteTrim. I wanted to share my insight with you, since I was willingly spammed and decided to willingly participate in their offer.

The product is to be taken at night, the directions say: Take 1-3 caplets with an 8 oz. glass of water 1 time daily, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. Do not exceed 3 caplets in a 24 hour period.

My first night, the product liked to have knocked me for a loop, and the main reasons I was trying it, was because I wasn’t sleeping. Yes, I am over weight, but my main concern at this time was getting a descent nights sleep. I was impressed; sleep is what I actually received that night, too!

So I decided, what the heck, let’s keep taking this. How can I go wrong? I mean, after all, if it helps me with sleeping, than that is a plus in my eyes.

So a week down the road, I am noticing strengthening and muscles in my legs, pains and the desire to stretch and pull. It was sore and achy, and I had no clue what was causing it. So I told my Doctor, and he wanted to see me. Like I said, I had been using this product for a week.

At the Doctors office, I had lost ten pounds. Yes ten pounds. The Doctor looked at my calves and legs, and measured, and looked again, he determined I was loosing weight and building up my leg muscles. He wanted to know what I was doing. I told him. He knew of my sleep deprivation, and I told him that product was also helping me with that. He was impressed, and said to continue doing what I was doing. That is why it is advisable to seek help from a weight loss clinic Houston, as they exactly know how to guide you with your goal in losing weight.

Another week, the calves and legs aren’t hurting as much, I have been sleeping better, and I can feel the product work on my legs and thighs, and even my stomach as I sleep. I am wondering where and how the fat is leaving my body. So I started paying attention.

I was slowly becoming more active, and the pain was going away, and my legs were slimming. Again, I was still enjoying the pleasure known as sleep.

The main thing I had noticed, and am convinced how the fat cells, fat products and what not leaves, is of course, through your exit system. Your digestive tract, and going to the bathroom. My bowel movements had changed, and urination had increased as well.

I dropped thirty pounds in three weeks. I was very impressed with this product. The trial sample was for thirty days, costing me only $2.95 shipping and handling. After that, they send you 2 months for something like $50 some odd dollars, don’t I repeat do not quote me on the amount. They are supposedto pay you $25 for referrals of your friends and family, too, when you sign up. However, that was a complete and total lie, I referred three people, and they gave me absolutely nothing. The advantage to that though, on my part, is my friends claimed not to like it, and gave it to me.

This product is made and manufactured by Marqilife. They are located in Tampa, Florida.

As with any product, they of course have warnings with this product, such as not advised for those under eighteen, those that are pregnant or nursing.

But I liked this product; it took care of more then one of my problems at a time. You see, I also prefer taking all of my medications at night. I can’t remember to take my medicine otherwise. I like that it works while I sleep, with my sleep, and helps me to get sleep!

I do recommend giving this product a try. I do realize I am not a doctor and that everyone has different desires, needs and medical conditions. I also know, as should you, not everything works the same for everyone. What might work for me, may not work for you. But I do like this product and give it a rating on the scale of 1 to 10, a 10.

I have since been to the web sight, and it says that they are no longer offering this product, to which I don’t understand. (Except for their current client base!)

I also wanted you to know; the ingredients that are in this medicine are natural, such as vitamin C, Hoodia, mustard seed and many more. Whatever it is, I know it works. I am living proof. I am totally not impressed that something that actually works, is being discontinued, but that’s usually how it works for me!

An Epic Comedy Movie Recap

  1. Tropic Thunder

This is a hilarious and inventive movie starring Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Junior amongst others stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise and Jack Black. I love these actors and have watched several other movies of them on ilgeniodellostreaming. This epic comedy is set in the jungle in and bordering Laos and also includes scenes in Hollywood, California. The concept of this movie revolves around a group of actors filming a movie. Yes, how ironic, I know. This is an action packed movie that kept me laughing out loud the entire film and it’s one movie you just can’t miss! With scenes like “simple jack” and the Tivo incident this movie is dangerously funny.

  1. Pineapple Express

This movie features Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny R. McBride. These 3 actors are a hilarious combination. With a small role even from popular MAD TV actor Bobby Lee. This movie’s plot thickens around a pot smoking, process server delivering a subpoena and witnesses a murder involving him and his weed dealer. The name Pineapple Express is used in this film as a strain of marijuana that plays a major role in the movie’s plot. I found this film to be refreshing and will absolutely make anyone with a good sense of humor laugh.

  1. Step Brothers

This film features the epic duo from Talladega Nights, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly but instead of best friends in this film they are wed into as Step Brothers. The cool twist about this movie is that both characters are 40 year old mama’s boys, have no jobs and both still live at home. These old men acting like teenagers is a riot and is more then worth the time to watch this hilarious movie! Two thumbs way up for this 2008 genius comedy.

  1. Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist

This timeless comedy revolves around two young teens and one wild night. This movie features the popular and up and coming actors and actress Michael Cera, Kat Dennings and Aaron Yoo. After Micheal Cera’s hit debut into box office hits he had more then a million fans going to see this movie on young love, fun and mixed tapes. Nick and Nora, or should I say, Michael and Kat have been known as the epic “quirky” pair of the year that everyone adores. Both sweet and funny, this is a movie I could watch a hundred times and never grow sick of.

  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This comedy features Jason Segel, Kristen Bell and That 70’s Show actress Mila Kunis was a box office hit and a funny movie that will keep us all laughing for years to come. This movie is based a relationship that takes a turn for the worst and the couple breaks up only to create a whole new plot on revenge, anger and trying to win back the sweet, blonde Kristen Bell playing Sarah Marshall.

  1. Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa

This is a movie the entire family can enjoy for years and years to come not just in it’s releasing year of 2008. This hit animated comedy is a sequel to the popular animated movie Madagascar. This movie includes voices from popular actors Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer and the ever hilarious Chris Rock. In this plot charismatic animals from a New York Zoo suddenly find themselves in the jungles of Africa and meet one of the character’s family members. However these lost zoo animals aren’t exactly cut out for the jungle and ready for life away from the big apple. This movie is 5 stars and I recommend everyone to see this epic animated family comedy.

  1. Role Models

In this movie convicts Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd, aka, Danny and Wheeler are sentenced to 150 hours community service which entitles taking two very cute and feisty boys under there arms as role models. This comedy is amazing and the young actors in this film are sure to be seen in many following after a bang on performance bringing in millions of laughs and dollars. two thumbs up and worth the hour and a half, time and time again!

  1. Zack and Miri Make A Porno

Another hilarious and funny, off beat comedy featuring Seth Rogen. This movie also features the lovely female actress Elizabeth Banks and male actor Jason Mewes. I must say Seth Rogen has become a huge name in comedy and I absolutely love everything this guy is in! And according to the box office, so does America! In this film lifelong so called “platonic” best friends decide to make a sex tape to fix their financial problems and then they realize that love may in the mix. This oddly strange and unusual comedy is one to die laughing over.

  1. Drillbit Taylor

A group of kids hire a “low budget” bodyguard to protect them on the school playground and to keep them safe from bully’s in this gut bursting comedy. The cast includes actors and Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile, Ian Roberts and bodyguard Owen Wilson. This is another hilarious performance from 5 star actor Owen Wilson and a promising film for the young actors to become Hollywood’s next top hunks or punks as least! You don’t want to miss this delightful comedy genre movie!

  1. Kung-Fu Panda

Last but certainly not least another animated film featuring Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman. This extremely funny and heart warming tale revolves around a very lazy panda overcoming his obstacles and living his dreams as a Kung-Fu Master. He must defend the jungle along side a group of cute and hilarious side kick animal characters.

So if you missed them in 2008 don’t let these pantie wetters pass you by in 2009. No matter what year it is these epic comedy movies will always be worth a good laugh!

Best Horror Movies of the 2000s

If you do not have Netflix or any other subscription where you can enjoy these movies then you should click on the that will direct you to some of the Best Movies on Netflix Right Now that you can enjoy for free. 

  1. Session 9 (2001)

Movies like this one are rare. It requires you to use your brain. If you’re into in-your-face, blood-and-guts horror, this isn’t your movie. If you’re into brilliant, psychological thrillers you’ll be glad to see that there are still great films like this being made. The script was well written, the direction was stylish, and the acting was superb. A must-see movie.

  1. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Shocking. Disturbing. Hard to watch. Everything a good film like this should be. There are so many mixed reviews of this movie but I think it’s wonderfully done. Lots of blood, gore, and guts. Possibly even better than the original. By the end of the movie, you’re ready to jump through the screen and kill some of these mutants yourself.

  1. Trick R’ Treat (2007)

This one’s different. It’s not that scary. Not that gory. It doesn’t have to be. It’s simply the pure essence of Halloween. The perfect mix of Halloween tradition and horror. Urban legends and murder. If you loved Halloween as a child, and you love horror movies, you will love this movie.

  1. Drag Me to Hell (2009)

There are a lot of people giving this movie horrible reviews. No, it’s not the scariest thing ever. No, it’s not the goriest movie of all time. Yes, it’s pretty predictable. But what makes this movie great isn’t any of those things. This movie could be real. It’s laid out in a way that makes you believe that this could happen. You get rude with some little old lady at the supermarket this morning? Are you sure she didn’t curse you to an eternity in hell? It’s just so simple, it could be true. And that is why it’s scary.

  1. Frailty (2001)

When a widowed father wakes up his two sons with a disturbing revelation, they are torn as to whether or not they should believe him. As the story unfolds and terrifying events take place, you learn more about the father, the two sons, and their destinies. There are plenty of twists, all the way up to the end. The plot never leaves a dull moment. A truly great movie.

  1. Ginger Snaps (2000)

This is a unique teen horror flick. It is one of the freshest werewolf movies in recent years. Not your average teen slasher horror film. The transformation from preteen to puberty to werewolf is wonderfully done. The relationship between the two sisters is strange. They’re close – almost too close. The action scenes are good. And it has a great black comedy feel to it. A very original take on the werewolf genre.

  1. Martyrs (2008)

There is no other way to describe this movie other than to say it is a monster. It is bold, stunning and brutal. It takes you from loving it to hating it back and forth countless times. It is often compared to Hostel and other “torture-porn” films, but this is a huge mistake. Truly a brilliant, surprising film. Beautifully shot. Perfectly paced. Wonderful performances. This is one that will stick with you.

  1. 28 Days Later (2002)

At first glance, this is just another zombie movie. But upon further inspection, you find what sets this one apart from the rest. Where others focused on the gore. The fighting. The blood spilling scenes and background music. This one focused on that helpless sad feeling you get in the pit of your stomach throughout it all. Not just another zombie flick.

  1. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Simply put, this movie is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is beautiful and heart-wrenching. At the same time, it’s completely disorienting. Great at keeping you guessing. You think you have it figured out, you don’t. It explains itself very well at the end, and not a moment sooner.

  1. REC (2007)

This is a truly great movie. The story itself isn’t very original. It’s been done over and over. Everyone has seen a zombie movie. This one is different. The cramped setting. The handheld camera. No way possible to get away from what is trying to eat you. It’s completely unsettling. If you haven’t seen the Hollywood replica (Quarantine) yet, see this one first. Even if you have seen it, watch this one anyway. You will not be disappointed.

Evaluating Youth Soccer Clubs

Youth club soccer has always been it’s own subculture within the United States. And, thanks to a new British implant, which shall remain nameless, it will probably increase in popularity. Soccer clubs are sprouting up everywhere. If you are a in a medium sized city or larger there could be at least 4 soccer clubs in your area. Families in smaller towns and communities may have to travel to find a soccer club. Regardless of where you live, there are a few things that you should consider before choosing the soccer club that’s right for your little kicker as well as your family.

Such clubs are the perfect place to understand this sport in a better manner and a good atmosphere for practice it out on the field with your contemporaries as it will help in finding and correcting the flaws that can hamper the performance with the chairman Nasser al khelaifi being a reputed businessman and owner of the famous Al-Khelaifi psg group that enables players from all over the world to try their hand at soccer.

The Coaches are the most important part of your child’s development. So, you need to make sure that your child’s coach is a good fit for his or her skill level and personality. Questions and criteria used to evaluate a coach should include, licensing qualifications, previous playing experience, and prior coaching experience, coaching style, and coaching focus. Is the coach more focused on wining games or long term development? What ages has he or she coached? What is the highest level that he or she played? Interview potential coaches before or after the initial tryout period, this way you will have an idea of how you feel about this particular coach before making any commitments. Also, ask your child what they thought of the coach. You may not know everything about his or her style from one try out, but you will have a general feel for that particular person. If possible try to attend a practice session for the team your child would be on. You get the opportunity to see the coach in a more realistic and natural setting. How do the current player’s parents feel about the coach? Do the other players seem to enjoy being there? A child’s enthusiasm for a sport is often pretty fragile during the early years of their involvement. The right coach can foster positive experiences and spark a passion for soccer. The wrong coach could have your child seeking another sport.

The level of competition that the club competes in is also pretty important. Is the club under US Soccer or USYSA? Does it compete at the recreational, challenge, and/or classic levels? The competition level helps you determine if your child would be a good fit. It determines the skill level of your child’s teammates, as well as the skill level of the teams they will be playing against. The level of competition may very well determine the your travel time as well. You may find that you will have to travel further and more often if your child makes a classic team versus a challenge or recreational team.

The club size and years or establishment determine the other services that the club can offer. Does the club have training camps or programs? How many teams are in your child’s age bracket? You may also find that newer clubs are less structured, and may not have 501c3 status, a board of directors, or an adequate staff. These issues will probably affect you more than your child, and may determine the type and number of tournaments that the organization wants each team to attend. It will definitely indicate where your practices will be and the quality of playing fields. Larger, more established clubs will usually have options in practice days and times because they have access to multiple practice fields. Smaller clubs may only have one practice field and be limited in practice times due to day light savings time or field availability.

The club’s organization and structure will ultimately cause you to love it or hate it. The organization will influence how well they communicate information to you. If you ask most soccer parents the one thing that they dislike the most about a soccer club you will get one of two answers, their organization or the lack of communication. Break down in communication in soccer is practically inevitable and leads to parents finding out about practices, cancellations, tournaments, new coaches, etc at the last minute. The club’s organization should specify who is responsible for letting you know what. Generally, a team manager and/or the coach should keep you updated on practices and tournaments. However, who should inform you about new coaches, board members, fundraisers, etc? Once you are involved with soccer, time is a precious commodity and finding out about things at the last minute becomes a luxury that you can no longer afford.

The fees and level of commitment required should not be taken lightly. Be prepared, soccer can be pretty expensive, especially if you have more than one child playing. Know what is expected of you as a parent before making any commitments. Are there a set number of tournaments that you are required to attend? How much are the tournaments? How much are the club fees? Are there any additional fees? Remember youth club soccer is predominately funded by the parents; so, you want to take club fees and the other expenses that are associated with soccer into consideration.

Ultimately, your child’s desire to play and level of skill will have the greatest impact on the soccer club that you choose. Yet, you are making a commitment as well and you it should be one that you are willing to live with. So, while your child is auditioning at tryouts, make sure the club is the right fit for their needs and your patience.

Oscar Night Brings an End to Uneven Year at the Movies

Tonight, the 2008 movie season will officially come to a close in 2009, with the Oscars. Oscar night is the final victory lap for the most honored films of the year, and a final chance for other 2008 movies to be made immortal. Oscar night is always highly anticipated, but the actual Oscars themselves may be anticlimactic to many. After a movie year that was all over the place in quality, and constantly compared negatively to last year, Oscar night may be a fittingly underwhelming end to it all.

2007 was widely hailed as a great year for many big movies. No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Michael Clayton, Juno, Atonement, Sweeney Todd and many more films got passionate support all the way up to Oscar night. With 2008, only a select few movies have a real passionate fan base, and real support from audiences.

Oscars are the moment when you get to celebrate some of the best flicks of Hollywood every year that began way back in 1928 and continue to this day, with some of the best films and actors winning many of them for the cinematic masterpieces they roll out each year and get rewarded for their efforts in entertaining the audience to the best of their capability. Its only a matter of time that academy awards will be available on cyberflx apk due to its everlasting popularity among the audience.

The likely big winner on Oscar night, Slumdog Millionaire, may be the only major Oscar nominated film tonight that inspires critics and audiences, at level to the level of last year’s films. But since it is the heavy favorite, backlash has already begun against Slumdog Millionaire, which may knock its standing down a peg even after its Oscar victories.

Another reason Slumdog Millionaire may win is because the rest of the Best Picture field doesn’t inspire much competition. Benjamin Button and Frost/Nixon had many admirers, but few who fell in love with it. Milk came out at just the right time, but may have peaked now that Obama and Prop 8 mania are dying down. The Reader is a popular upset pick because of Harvey Weinstein’s marketing, not because of the film itself.

The Oscar night may be remembered negatively in future years for not honoring the most remembered film of the year. The Dark Knight made a real push towards an historic Best Picture nomination and was favored to get it, until being overtaken by The Reader. Wall-E also got some backing for a Best Picture nod, but will settle for Best Animated Film.

This movie year may not be best remembered for many movies themselves. In fact, it seems that more blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Iron Man lived up to the hype, while Oscar contenders largely disappointed. But many acting performances helped to salvage 2008 at the movies.

Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke, Heath Ledger, Winslet, Meryl Streep, Josh Brolin, Robert Downey Jr, Penelope Cruz, Frank Langella and many more made 2008 shine with their work. Richard Jenkins, Melissa Leo, Viola Davis, Michael Shannon, Taraji P. Henson and many other character actors made big breakthroughs this year.

But the narrative of the 2008 movie year isn’t over yet, as Oscar night brings it to a long-awaited climax. Penn, Streep and Ledger stand to make history, while Rourke and Winslet could bring a crowd-pleasing ending to this year at the movies with Oscar wins.

How to Tell a Friend You Won’t CoSign a Loan with Him

When people with bad credit need to borrow money, they quickly discover how difficult it can be to get a loan from the bank. In these cases, the bank may suggest they find a “cosigner”, a friend or relative who is willing to guarantee the loan.

While in theory this sounds like a nice way to help out someone who is short on cash, cosigning a loan is very risky business. Not only does the cosigner compromise his own ability to get a loan in the future, he sets himself up for being responsible for the debt. If the friend or relative decides to skip town, it’s the cosigner who is now on the hook for the entire amount of the loan, plus any late fees or penalties the friend may have incurred as well.

While I’ve cosigned loans in the past for my own kids, I draw the line when asked to cosign a loan for a friend or relative. Call me heartless, but if the bank won’t loan my second cousin money, then the chances are it was for a darned good reason. The Omalaina yhteistyökumppanit website will be beneficial for the relatives and friends. The repayment of the loan will be for less period. 

So, how DO you tell a friend or relative that you are unwilling to cosign a loan? Telling them the truth of “I’m sorry, I make it a policy to never cosign loans for deadbeat friends with bad credit” can cause hard feelings and ruined friendships. To avoid hard feelings, try one of these excuses instead:

Darn, wish I could help but I’m in the process of borrowing some money myself right now. When you cosign on someone else’s loan, that loan counts as a liability against you which lowers your own borrowing power. Your cousin might not know that, which is why it’s OK to point it out and then fib a little about having to borrow money yourself.

Darn, wish I could help, but Edna will kill me if I did. In our house, my husband and I discuss all major financial decisions, an excuse I use whenever some solicitor presses me over the phone to “Sign Up Now!” Blame the wife (or husband) if you must, and with any luck, your cousin-the-mooch will forget he asked. If he does, be quick to reply, “Oh, I meant to ask her/him, but haven’t been able to find a good time.”

Darn, wish I could help, but my credit’s not looking so hot these days. With any luck, word of your (alleged) bad credit may spread around the office, and no one will ever ask again.

Darn, I wish I could help, but I’m already a cosigner on a couple of loans for my brother/kids/in-laws who just bought a house/boat/race horse. Stretch the truth if you must, but convey the point that you are already extended and know that you can’t stretch yourself any further. God will forgive you if you lie a little bit.

If You Can’t Help in Person, Be an Online Volunteer

Suppose you are homebound because you have a sick relative to care for or are unable to get out of your house yourself. Maybe you just spend too much time at work and with family commitments to get out and support a cause you believe in. There’s good news: you can be an online volunteer and support causes you believe in from the comfort of your own home. You just have to find email address of the official website of your favorite NGO and you can connect with them in order to learn more about the possibilities of being an Online volunteer. 

There are too many examples of online volunteers to list them all in one article. Some examples are: conducting online research for an organization, such as gathering information for a grant proposal; providing professional consulting expertise; posting information to various online communities; translating a document into another language; designing a newsletter; researching and writing articles for newsletters, newsletters, and websites; proofreading for online publications; preparing information for a company’s website; sending e-mails to someone who is homebound; providing online mentoring; providing English instruction; and many others.

You may know you want to be an online volunteer because you can’t help in person. You wonder how to find where the opportunities are and what opportunities are available. According to Jason Willett, the director of communications for VolunteerMatch, an online database of volunteer jobs, the number of online volunteer opportunities is increasing dramatically. In 1998, the year the organization’s website,, debuted; a total of 3,000 people became online volunteers through the site, compared to 40,000 in 2005.

According to Willett, organizations are realizing they can save space in-house by using online volunteers, and they can take advantage of people who skills who may not be available in their own communities. In addition, using online volunteers allows the space that is saved to be used by an in-person volunteer or additional staff member.

Some volunteer online mentors who had previously mentored young people in person realized that the time saved from traveling to schools to be mentors could be used to provide additional time with the young people online-allowing for additional mentoring.

The VolunteerMatch website provides a link to online and in-person volunteering opportunities. For in-person opportunities, you can provide the distance level you are interested in helping people from at home, your zip code, and the type of online volunteering you are interested in. You also could put that you are interested in any type of opportunity. Some of the many areas of opportunity include advocacy and human rights; religion; children and youth; computers and technology; the disabled; education and literacy; employment; media and broadcasting; politics; and seniors.

If you can’t help a cause in person, the site also has a link to online opportunities. Some of the many online opportunities include advocacy and human rights; children and youth; computers and technology; crisis support; the disabled; education and literacy; employment; the homeless and housing; media and broadcasting; politics; race and ethnicity; religion; seniors; and women.

The type of volunteering you can do depends on your talents, the time you have to spend on the cause you believe in, and what you are interested in doing. For example, if you are interested in volunteering for a political cause, you can help design logos, do data entry; facilitate group discussions, be a writer, photographer, or artist; be a cartoonist, or a grant writer, and help in many other ways. If you are interested in volunteering for a religious cause you can be a prayer volunteer for Guideposts, be a grant writer, make lap blankets, slippers, or scarves for Hospice patients, design websites, or be a researcher. If you want to help seniors, you can design websites, be a writer, contact our troops in Iraq, be an Excel expert, or be a phone buddy.

The Internet is full of examples of people who have devoted much of their time being an online volunteer, helping with causes they believe in from home, instead of in person. Some have had online discussions with those from other countries, helping with tax donations or getting libraries established. Others have helped find homes for animals by using the Internet. Some have made Afghans at home and shipped them to online organizations to send to the homeless.

The website, also contains a great deal about what online volunteering is, how to establish an online volunteering program, and where to find virtual volunteering opportunities.

Whatever your skills or interests are, if you are interested in helping a cause you believe in from the comfort of your home, because you are not able to in person, there are countless opportunities.

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