Startling Facts About How to Build Muscles Lightning Fast

Endeavoring to build muscles can be a tough task to say the least. Thankfully, the science of sports physiology has given us some shortcuts. We’re talking about shortcuts that can help you build muscles sooner than most people realize.

Not having to workout for hours each day on every muscle is secret number one. Back in the day there really were no shortcuts to build muscles fast. Working out your entire body everyday for 3 to 4 hours was the norm.

You wouldn’t workout at night and you would give yourself one day off from the gym per week.

It was a commonly held belief in the early days that working out would make you too muscular and hence not flexible.

However for reasons not entirely clear an increasing number of athletes ignored this convention and noticed the opposite happening.

Trainers certainly starting taking notice, which then led to the evaluation of weight training as a serious method to build muscles. When they discovered the clear benefits of incorporating weight training into their routines, word spread to other trainers and eventually weight training started to make its way into every major sport’s training routine.

Weight training started to receive a more scientific view as sports physiology started to become recognized as a science.

Bodybuilders noticed and started to be smarter about their workouts, seeking new ways to build muscles faster. You could still find them spending long hours in the gym, except now it was only half the time they used to spend. How did they accomplish this? Workout routines and the exercises were scrutinized for the best approach on how to build muscles bigger and faster.

Researchers discovered the importance of resting the muscles after strenuous activity; otherwise you run the risk of overtraining them, which affects their ability to develop.

Presently it’s recommended that bodybuilders work muscles to exhaustion only once a week. No doubt you’ll be working out other muscles as you target one group, but you can’t really avoid that. It’s only on the specific day that you targeted a particular muscle that it gets worked to exhaustion. Taking this approach will quickly get you to your muscle building goals.

Total body soreness will no longer be something you have to put up with since your muscles will be getting ample rest and recovery.

Another step forward in the bodybuilding sport was the realization that working a muscle to failure on each exercise was enough to tear it down. And protein taken in would mainly be used for tissue repair versus developing it any more.

Sound nutrition is the other major component to quickly building muscle. Most of us have heard that bodybuilding is 80% diet, and although it might not be that high a percentage it’s certainly more than half. That is why diet and nutrition are very crucial and should be given consideration when building muscles. So aside from eating nutritious food, you can also take testogen booster drops and other supplements.

If building muscle alone is not enough and you want to build it quickly, then you need to ensure that 25% of your calories comes both from animal and vegetable protein. You should ensure that the carbs you take in are of the complex variety and try to choose ones that are high in protein as well. 25% of your diet should be made up of fats and fiber. Stay away from refined sugars and minimize your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Be sure to also include in your diet, high quality protein powders, eggs, and some form of glandular supplement. You might also want to consider taking wheat germ oil, which is great for assisting the body with processing protein, and giving your endurance levels a boost.

To conclude, the path to building muscles faster is through working smarter not harder. Getting sufficient rest is just as important as working out and eating the right diet is probably the most important element of all.

How To Correctly Bend A Soccer Ball

Have you ever seen a pro soccer player bend a soccer ball? It may look hard but, in reality it is not. Bending the soccer ball is an important technique to know because it can make it very tricky for the goalie to correctly judge which way the ball is going to go. If you can master the skill you will have no problem getting your shots in on a goalie or around a free kick wall.

First, you need to find a soccer ball and a soccer net you can play on. You can find the perfect equipment for this purpose at TiASYou can use a wall, but I would not recommend it because it makes it hard to see how much you are actually bending the ball. Then, place the ball down on a flat piece of ground with the air hole pointing at your body. Next, you want to run at the ball and strike the outside of the ball with the inside of you kicking foot. If you are right footed you should be hitting the right outside of the soccer ball with the inside of your right foot. If you are left footed you should be hitting the left outside of the soccer ball with the inside of your left foot.

You do not want to strike towards the middle of the ball. When you hit the middle of the ball with the inside of your foot the ball travels on the ground. You want to strike almost underneath the ball lifting it up and causing the ball to go high. When you correctly strike the ball you should notice the ball has side spin. The side spin is what causes the ball to bend. The quicker the side spin, the more the ball will bend.

There is another way to put bend on the ball that most pro’s are able to do. This is striking the ball with the outside of your foot. It requires a lot of leg strength so it is not recommended for starting players. First, place the ball on the ground with the air hole facing you. Next, run up to the ball and hit the outside of the ball with the outside of your foot. If you are right footed you should strike the left outside of the ball with the outside of your right foot. If you are left footed you should strike the right outside of the ball with the outside of your left foot. You should once again see side spin on the ball, but it will be in the opposite direction. This will cause the ball to bend the opposite way of the previous bending you did.

Like most things in soccer, you must practice. The more you practice the better your bends are going to be. If you keep trying daily eventually you will be able to bend the ball well enough to easily beat a goalie. Good luck learning to bend the soccer ball!

Enjoying The Nightlife In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. While it is a relaxing village during the day, it really comes alive after sunset. Known as Playa to its residents, this town has a worldly feel to it because travelers flock to this part of the Mexican Caribbean from all over the world. Large groups of foreign residents living close by add to this interesting cultural mix. This international ambiance is enjoyed in eateries, lounges and other entertainment venues throughout the town.

Enjoy a long siesta after a day sunning on the beach or hitting the shops. Early evening is not the time for dinner and drinks in Playa del Carmen. Late night is when dining and drinking really begin. And, the fun doesn’t stop until dawn is seen on the horizon.

No time for a siesta? Then get your caffeine fix at Café SastaorCafé Corazon. Café Corazon is rumored to have the best cappuccino in town and their baked goods and sandwiches are very good. Sometimes the service is a bit slow. It’s located between Calles 28 and 30 on 5th Avenue. At Café Sasta you’ll find a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, as well as baked goods and freshly ground coffee sold by the pound. Café Sasta is also on 5th Avenue, between Calles 8 and 10. If you’ll be in town for several days, try El Cafe de la Esquina, which features free wireless internet. It’s across from the ferry pier and 1st Avenue. And, inevitably, there is also a Starbucks in Playa.

Wander through the northern part of 5th Avenue, Little Italy, which features restaurants from cafes and pizza stalls to full-service restaurants. Cool off with a refreshing gelato, or snack on a slice of pizza (try Renzo’s Authentic Italian Pizzaat Calle 24). Il Pescatore Ristorante Italiano specializes in dishes with fresh seafood and homemade pastas, and it’s only a block from 5th Avenue at Calle 24 and 10th Avenue. Il Barettooffers pastas and paninis and you’ll find it at Calle 26 on 5th.

There are also eateries offering Argentinian fare on 5th Avenue. This type of cuisine is well represented in Playa because there is a large group of residents from Argentina who call Playa home. Enjoy superb cuts of meats at Parilla Arracheraslocated at Calle 30. And La Parillaon 5th avenue at Calle 6 is fun with mariachis. Playa also has restaurants featuring a good choice of Chinese, Mediterranean, Swedish and Thai cuisine along with traditional Mexican dishes.

Stop for a glass of wine and an appetizer or two at the Glass Bar, which has re-opened at a new site. An old favorite with both tourists and locals, their new location is on Calle 10 next to Starbucks. The Glass Bar offers one of the lengthiest wine lists in town.

Next, try Alux for a drink and perhaps some appetizers – the food is only so-so and you might not want to eat dinner there. However, it’s located in a real cave and the experience is well worth a short visit. They also have dancing. Alux is located on Juarez Avenue past Highway 307.

Order a mojito while you’re at the very cool lounge on the rooftop of the Hotel Basico, a boutique hotel just blocks from Playa del Carmen’s main beach. Sit in cabanas made from old truck beds that has concrete tanks that are actually plunge pools.

Anytime after 10 p.m. is the time to check out the Bali Club; they open nightly at 10 p.m. The Bali Club is a popular dance club with acts of fire, water and balloons and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. They can handle up to 1,200 people so expect a crowd. It’s located between 5th and 10th Avenues on Calle 12.

Later in the evening, visit the Om Hotel and Lounge Bar to try a special tequila, or perhaps a signature drink. Enjoy candlelight with Buddha statues and a tropical backdrop until the party gets going after midnight. As the music gets wilder and louder, so does the dancing. This party usually continues past the wee morning hours.

On the whole, enjoy the best time of your lives in Mexico as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you may never get to live it again and the nightclubs of Del Carmen will make you feel that you’re back in Lavelle and that is saying something as the latter is perhaps the best option when it comes to nightclub and nightlife in its peak form that you can enjoy without having to spending much on the expenses as certain facilities are free of cost, especially on special occasions and that has to be seen to be believed.

Spore Review: Was Spore Worth the Wait?

Well, it has been three years since Will Wright, head of Maxis and legendary game designer of all the “Sim” games, introduced the world to Spore. If you are interested in a summary of how the game works, I’ll point you to this article. If you want more information about the social networking aspect of Spore, check out here. This is a review of Spore, including how well it does those things and if it will appeal to you.

Just so it’s clear, Spore is unique. There really has never been another game like Spore. The main distinction, besides having five connected “stages,” is Spore’s use of procedural animation. This means that whatever creation you make will animate differently depending on how you arrange its parts, and this is definitely cool.

Another good thing about Spore is the way it integrates creativity with function. All of the editors allow you to customize the way your particular creations look, and they are all very flexible. One downside, though, is that the further along you are, the less the editor really affects gameplay. For example, in the cell stage of Spore, the parts you place have a direct impact on how your cell will do, but in space, it doesn’t matter how you arrange your spaceship parts–the spaceship basically behaves the same way in all cases. This is counterintuitive, because there’s a lot more gameplay options in space stage than in cell stage, but less customization for your avatar.

Now, the real question is, what kind of a gamer are you? There was a serious lapse in communication from EA and Maxis on the type of game this would be. For those who need deep, satisfying gameplay, this is not for you. I repeat, Spore is not a deep game. Spore is especially not for you if you couldn’t care less what your creations look like, because a great deal of the “gameplay” is simply designing the various creations populating your game world.

If, on the other hand, you enjoyed the standalone Creature Creator, and you wished you could see your creatures moving around and interacting with others made by other players, you will love Spore. The game is almost more of a toy, and Will Wright is famous for saying that he tries to create products that let people do with them what they wish. It’s debatable how well Spore does this, however. Designing your Spore creations has nearly limitless options, but gameplay is much more rigid.

Sound and music, on the whole, is excellent, and really complements the experience. Graphics are appropriately crisp and the animation is usually convincing. Spore does have some stability issues; on the Spore forums, you can read about crashes, sluggish frame rates, and sometimes even bizarre, game-stopping bugs. Be sure your system meets the system requirements.

There’s one more important thing to know. Spore ships with DRM (Digital Rights Management), which aims to protect EA and Maxis from piracy of their games. The particular variety they use is called SecuROM, and it is controversial because it is rumored to install “root kits” and doesn’t go away if you uninstall the product it came on. The other problem is that Spore only allows 3 activations. This means if you install it on two different computers, you have used 2 activations. If you use up all your activations, you have to call their technical support to get another. While it’s meant to stop piracy, it is actually an inconvenience for paying customers. Pirates have already cracked the full game and stripped it of its DRM. One advantage of this is they don’t require you to have your CD in the drive, but that isn’t much of a consolation.

On the whole, Spore is fun and pretty, but its lack of depth will probably keep it from attaining the same success as the Sims. Because the game implements so many brand-spanking-new concepts, it’s not surprising that it isn’t quite up to the level of gameplay of genres it borrows from. This is one that I would recommend you keep an eye on at the very least. There are promised expansion packs forthcoming, and maybe they will fill in some gaps in gameplay, as well as increasing the number of parts in editors. Pokemon go accounts will create an environment in which the interaction of the players with new people will be increased. There will be saving of the time and efforts of the players.

To summarize: Spore has a lot going for it, especially because its concept of evolution is refreshing and unique. The gameplay does fall short, but the editors are top-notch, and if you are creative, the editors alone might justify the cost. If you are all about gameplay, expect to be disappointed by Spore’s simplicity. To appreciate it, you have to look at the game as a whole, rather than its individual parts. This doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to like about Spore. Watch for Will Wright and Spore in the future; the concept is solid, so all that is needed is a better implementation.

Seven Signs You’Re Making Excuses To Keep Smoking

Rationalizing a bad habit is human nature, especially if the habit’s stuck around for long enough to become a part of your lifestyle. Many smokers toy with the idea of quitting smoking, only to settle back into old habits at the sign of stress or simply as a fear of change. While change can be hard, there are some ways to overcome the most common excuses that keep you stuck in the smoking habit. Here are seven signs you’re making excuses to keep smoking, and what to do about them:

Excuse to Keep Smoking: It Helps Me Manage Stress

Many smokers use smoking as a stress reliever, and even cutting back on a few cigarettes that usual can trigger discomfort. Still, quitting smoking actually reduces overall stress levels when the body starts to manage stress in a natural and healthy way. Try and find natural relaxation activities as an alternative to the cigarette, or even pursue acupuncture or health supplements that help reduce stress levels naturally.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: It’s Not As Bad as Other Drugs

This is a common excuse of many people who seeking a ‘substance fix,’ but it doesn’t offer much when nicotine is controlling your life. Becoming dependent on cigarettes to feel good puts you at risk for a variety of illnesses and disease, and doesn’t necessarily make you better off than another drug habit. The key here is getting out of being dependent on any substance or drug in order to feel better.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: The Cravings Are Too Strong

Cravings are the biggest obstacle for smokers trying to quit, but there are some natural ways to reduce cravings when you’ve made the commitment. From eating a healthy diet to taking licorice supplements, alternative medicine offers a number of valuable solutions to reduce cravings for the long-term.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I Need More Willpower

Willpower isn’t always the magic key to quitting smoking since there is a physical element of needing that cigarette fix. While a support group or a mentor can help, you will need to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to accommodate your quitting schedule. Getting into an exercise regiment is one option, since it’s a natural confidence booster and can help your health overall. Finding support for your endeavor is just a part of the process, but it cannot be ‘granted’ to you until you make an effort to improve other parts of your life.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I Only Smoke Organic/Natural Cigarettes

Natural and organic cigarettes are just as potent, if not more, than the average brand. Don’t fall for the misconception of ‘natural’ being a friendly word; it is commonly used as a marketing tactic, and these cigarettes still lead to many health problems with long-term use.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I’m Trying to Lose Weight

While cigarettes do work well as an appetite suppressant, there are plenty of healthier ways to lose weight. If you’re serious about losing weight, join a gym, eat a well-balanced diet, and stay active. Drinking lots of water throughout the day and eating snacks regularly can also help you take the pounds off, giving you far less time to reach for a cigarette that is probably controlling your day.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I Only Smoke a Few Times Per Week

Any habit that continues to compound on itself can lead towards poor health; even a few cigarettes per week can make you dependent on nicotine in a few months, and your cravings for cigarettes will only increase. Smoking a few times per week does have one benefit; you have more days to commit to better health so you can get rid of your smoking sessions completely. The hu58 supplement will reduce the smoking habits of the person. The health of the person will remain good when there will be no smoking through the person. The poor health will be converted into good one.

When you catch yourself making any of these excuses when confronted with the notion of quitting smoking, do a double take and reconsider; your health depends on it!

How to remove Mildew Build-up from the house

It’s such a shame to see a beautifully tiled, decorated, and accented bathroom fall prey to mildew build-up. Your bathroom can be one of the most enticing rooms in your home, if you can keep it mildew free. It doesn’t matter how expensive the tile is in your bathroom, because if you have mildew build-up it will look dirty, and old. For most homeowners it was a slow build-up, something they would eventually get to. For others, they just don’t know how to keep the mildew from growing on their tile.

Moisture is the number one reason for mildew build-up. Which makes sense because your bathroom is the one room in the house that is almost always wet in some area. Mildew loves heat and moisture. It helps it grow like crazy, on walls, tiles, and flooring surfaces. Occasionally if it gets out of control, mildew can be found in your walls and sub floors. Getting rid of it once it has reached that stage is a lengthy and very expensive process. But the bottom line is that you can’t live with it due to the health problems it causes, mostly respiratory. So don’t let it get that bad, learn to keep mildew at bay. Be vigilant in the care of your bathroom and prevent mildew build-up.

The ventilation in your bathroom has a lot to do with mildew build-up. A poorly ventilated bathroom will remain moist for hours after the last shower or bath. Again, moisture is the enemy here. Every bathroom should have, at the minimum, one window. Preferably placed in the shower area, up high, and left half open at all times. If you live in a colder climate then keep it open as often as possible, but definitely during showers and baths. The ventilation will reduce moisture and therefore reduce mildew build-up. 

If you have no windows in your bathroom it may be time to consider having one constructed. Generally, it doesn’t cost too much to have this done, usually a few hundred dollars. It is well worth it in the end to have that window constructed, since it can save you the cost of serious mildew removal later on. To have this done just call a tile specialist in your area and explain the situation. He will probably come visit your home and offer his estimate. Once you have chosen the man to do it, then the job should only take a day or two to complete. If a person is presenting homes for sale in pa, then  the bathroom should be free from mildew. The removal of the fungus can contain two to three days for complete cleaning. 

To keep mildew from building up on your bathroom tile is the key. In order to do this simply fill a spray bottle with half water and half bleach. Keep it handy at the shower side ledge. After each shower and bath just spritz the tile or shower surface lightly and let it sit. It will rinse off with the next shower or bath. If you have small children then keep it at a higher location for safety. try to keep the area well ventilated to reduce fumes from the bleach. If you do this regularly your bathroom should remain mildew free.

Social Network Has Zero Emotional Impact

The Social Network is being nominated for an Academy Award? This is a movie that revolves around the life of college students and how social media giant Facebook played a role in their lives. This was to show how social media platforms such as Instagram DM impact our lives. 


I just saw it at the dollar theater and I got my dollar’s worth. That is about all I can say good about it.

l see no reason why it should be nominated for an Oscar. After any good movie, the audience sits in their seats and you all feel that collective “Wow, we just saw a good movie.” Then slowly one person will get up to leave, then another.

Nope, after The Social Network was over, you could feel a collective shrug go through the audience, few if any stayed to watch the credits and bask in the terrific cinematic moment we had shared, we just headed for the door to get on with our lives.

Perhaps what I saying is a good movie touches you. You walk out of the theater elated, enthused about the human spirit. Maybe you walk out depressed, wondering about man’s stupidity, or maybe you just walk out feeling good because the movie made you laugh, perhaps you walk out feeling giddy because the movie made you feel romantic. At least you walked out the door feeling SOME emotion.

But The Social Network imparts none of that powerful movie-going experience, you leave feeling no emotion what-so-ever, and your thought process is not “Wow, what a great movie, I will have to recommend this to my friends”, rather your thought process is ” I hope I can find my car in the parking lot and I hope it is not too cold out”.

In short, this movie is neither insipid or inspiring. Both would have at least stirred some emotion in my breast. But this movie was like ordering vanilla at Baskin-Robbins, coffee without caffeine, beer without alcohol – it filled up two hours of time, was never boring, but really never gave you an emotional buzz.

Look, give me something, anything to love or hate in a movie. Anything. But The Social Network fails to deliver any emotional impact at all.

Did it have a character you could root for? No. Did it have a storyline where you rooted for the hero and booed the villain? No. Did it have any love triangles, any love interests? No. Did it have incredible scenery? No. Did the hero have anything to reach for, any goal to achieve, were you with him all the way, rooting for him, agonizing over his setbacks? No. Did you give a damn about any of the characters? Was anyone going to die in the movie? Were lives or great moral principles at state? Nope, just a few millionaires squabbling over money.

Were you nervous when the bad guy walks into the room? Perhaps felt a touch of dread? Did you feel like cheering when the hero triumphed? Whoops, there was no hero to even root for. Was there any chemistry between the characters on the screen? Was there any chemistry between the characters on the screen and the audience? We can answer all those questions with a resounding NO.

You never got the feeling that this movie was written by anyone with a passion or who had an inkling about the great emotional roller coaster we call life. You got the feeling they threw a bunch of accountants in a room and said: “Write us a movie boys”.

Look, perhaps I am being a bit cynical here, but when a conference table is the main scenery for about half the movie and worse yet, you get to see lawyers talk to each other across the conference table for half the movie – well, excuse me folks, but this ain’t great cinema.

Other scenes involved boring dorm rooms, drunken college parties, the inside of Facebook’s headquarters, a few shots of Harvard, a few shots of the gray New England weather, a few shots of BORING!

If this movie wins an Academy Award, it will only confirm my conviction that Hollywood continues its history of patting itself on the back, while ignoring good storytelling, good character development and what Middle America really wants to see. Or at least what I want to see.

How to Meet and Date Gorgeous Women

Men are very visual beings. We see a gorgeous woman and many things begin to happen to us. Our brain activity increases, our body chemistry begins to change, and we begin to have different thoughts. The more beautiful a woman is, the more valued she is by men in general. She is what is known as a high value woman. I realize this is purely subjective, but let’s be honest on how men are built both physically and mentally. When we see a beautiful woman we take notice. I’ve heard men say things like “wow, I could never get a woman like that” or “she probably only dates rich or famous men”. I used to make statements like this and they were part of my own belief system for many years. When I was a very young man, I thought that I would never date a really gorgeous woman. I thought that was just the way it was. I was wrong.

I was too young to understand things like maturity and women were the last thing in my mind and gorgeous ones were out of the question, which is why I never gave it a thought. At that time, I’d much rather surf the okcupid app to look for some girls to timepass but never seriously considered going ahead with it due to no experience in this venture at all.

Gorgeous women generally have a very different set of life experiences than average-looking women and this forms their view of the world. Beautiful women generally get hit on more frequently and over the years they’ve developed anti-hit-on-me defense mechanisms. Some women choose to be bitchy. Some women wear head phones and take their MP3 players everywhere they go, just so they won’t be harassed by men. Some women might even tell you they only like women or have a boyfriend or even wear a phony wedding ring to keep men off their backs. So what’s a man to do? How does a man get to meet, let a lone date a gorgeous woman?

The first step to getting this handled is to realize that any woman is a human being, not a goddess. Any woman who thinks she is better than you simply because of her physical appearance is not a woman worth your time. Believe it or not, there are gorgeous women out there that are humble and down-to-earth, but they are not easy to find. I’m a big believer in tipping the scales in your favor when it comes to meeting and dating women. One of the ways to increase the odds of meeting these type of women is to expand your social horizons. You can’t stay at home and hope that you’ll meet Ms. Right one day. You’ve got to put yourself out there. You’ve got to think of yourself as a product and that product should be of high quality and should be marketed well. The best product in the world does no one any good if nobody knows it’s out there. When I talk to gorgeous women I hold them to a higher standard. I remember when this one 5 feet, 9 inches model-looking beauty demanded that I buy her a drink. I merely let out a small laugh and said, “Women usually buy me drinks.”

She wasn’t amused and merely replied with, “Someone else will buy it for me then.”

To which I replied while watching the television at the bar, “Maybe so, but you won’t respect him. When you’re done with ordinary dudes, come back here and talk to me, but be prepared to teach me something new.”

If you’re not meeting at least one new person every week, you’re not being social enough. There’s nothing wrong with making new friends and acquaintances. You never know who is going to introduce you to your next date. I expanded my social circle by taking dance classes, night classes, inviting people that I met to play me tennis, basketball, ping pong, and I would host social gatherings at my apartment. I’d rather see someone try speed dating than stay at home doing nothing. I met my last three girlfriends at the following places: a gas station, a food festival, and a super market. When I approach a woman I don’t care how gorgeous she is because that is not my main focus. I am focusing on qualifying her to see if she’s fun and has a personality. You’d be amazed at how many good-looking Hollywood actresses complain of men not approaching them because they are intimidated by them. That’s a great way to make yourself stand out is by approaching the best-looking woman in the place. At the very least she will respect your courage.

You meet and date gorgeous women by not showing fear, even if you might feel fear. You do this by not putting them on a pedestal. Realistically and logically, she is no better than you are and you’ve got to give her the chance of proving your first impressions wrong. Now, before you start approaching really gorgeous women, you should start off by taking an honest inventory of yourself. If you were a woman would you date you? Can you dress better? How is your weight? Your teeth? Your wardrobe? Do you have a career or at least on your way to having one? What about your ability to have natural conversations with women? If you can’t have a natural conversation with different types of people, then you’re not ready yet to approach a real beauty. It’s time to start practicing because only by approaching several women a day will get to the point where you can approach really gorgeous women. Even better, to start dating them.

Hamilton Pool: Austin’s Hidden Swimming Hole

Just thirty miles west of Austin, Hamilton Pool is one of Austin’s best kept secrets. This gorgeous natural reserve offers some of the best hiking and swimming in the Texas hill country. The top attraction by far is the beautiful natural swimming pool featuring a small, rocky beach with a 45-foot waterfall streaming into the turquoise waters of the pool. It is believed that the pool and grotto were created thousands of years ago when a rock dome collapsed into an underground river due to erosion. Hamilton Pool attracts visitors of all ages, and is a “must” for locals as well as visitors to the Austin area!

Pack a cooler with sandwiches and drinks, put on your hiking shoes, and give yourself a full day to spend exploring this natural gem. The parking lot at Hamilton Pool has room for just 75 cars, so plan to arrive early to avoid having to wait for a parking spot. Once you arrive at Hamilton Pool, you will can a short but rather steep quarter-mile hike on an unpaved trail. As you are hiking along the shaded trail, you can view a variety of birds in the trees and enjoy the sounds of Hamilton Creek and the waterfall in the distance. Homepage for adult swimming lessons will guide the person about all the available swimming techniques. The adults can use the techniques at their home swimming pool for excellent learning. 

When the main trail hits Hamilton Creek, it forks off. You can continue hiking along the trail to the right toward Hamilton Pool. Once you arrive at Hamilton Pool, grab a spot on the beach and enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking while you savor the views of the waterfalls and pool. Be sure to take some time to continue the path around the pool, where you can walk behind the waterfalls for an amazing view.

You will also want to save some time for hiking and exploring the trail that forks off to the left. This path takes you out about 0.80 miles on a scenic route along Hamilton Creek. The trail ends at the point where Hamilton Creek converges with the Pedernales River. There are several points along this trail where you can stop and enjoy views on benches, and where you can also take short jaunts down to the creek and enjoy amazing natural views.

The 232-acre Hamilton Preserve where Hamilton Pool is located sits about 13 miles off of State Highway 71 on Hamilton Pool Road. This day-use park is a natural preserve that takes great measure to protect wildlife habitats. Hiking, swimming, and picnicking are occasionally not permitted at the park after heavy rains or when water quality is poor due to drought or rains. It is advisable to call the park ahead of your visit to hear a recorded message about trail and water conditions. Also, keep in mind that glass containers, alcoholic beverages, and pets are not permitted at Hamilton Preserve.

Hamilton Pool is a “must” for locals and visitors in the Austin area looking for great hiking and swimming!

Here Are The Best 4 Bitcoin Trading Strategies

When investing in bitcoin, one of the major things that you should give importance and consideration is your trading strategy. Your methodology in trading will be the determinant whether you are going to be successful in bitcoin investing or not. Hence, it is very important that you provide extra attention and extra effort in formulating your strategies. Bitcoin Evolution claims to be a revoliutionary cryptocurrency trading bot. Since it is changing, you must also find ways on how you can adapt to it. To help you out, here are some of the best bitcoin trading strategies.


Hedging is one of the most effective strategies in bitcoin. This is ideal for those who are looking for a short-term decline in the market place. Basically, hedging is described as a practice of opening trades that are strategic which aims to eradicate or at least decrease the risk to existing positions.


Another strategy that you may consider is the HODling. This is also considered as one of the most popular strategy. This strategy is about maintaining a long position on bitcoin, with the expectation that it will increase in price over long term. This strategy is ideal for those who are not comfortable in investing and trading in a short span of time.

Trend Trading

If you are looking for a strategy that can be suitable for several and various timeframes, trend trading is the right one for you. This strategy focuses more on the depending on the market trends before making any trading decisions.


Breakout trading is about entering the market as early as possible. This is based on the idea that market breaks through a resistance level or key support. As a result, volatility will start to showcase in the market.

Fall In Love With The T-Mobile Shadow

T-Mobile has many great cellular phones with cool features. Once I saw the T-Mobile Shadow, I knew that their goal was to make me buy another gadget for my constantly growing collection. It is sporting a brand new Windows Mobile interface, which makes it extremely stylish. Unlike some smartphones, it does not have a bulky look with hard to operate features. The user-friendly operating system will appeal to many consumers who were a little too fearful of exposing themselves to the smartphone craze. You will be able to navigate through menu options with ease and not wonder what you are doing. is where you can read more about the features and advantages that you get from T- Mobile shadow. Besides that, you will find some of the best features of this amazing device in this article.

The T-Mobile Shadow has a hybrid sort of cursor pad and scroll wheel to navigate through the phone’s options. There are eight main icon options that consist of alerts, message center, internet, calendar, photos, settings, and music. After you select an option, just click the right side of the wheel in order to get to it. Getting to your main options this way will allow you to get to your applications quickly without having to dig directly into the Windows Mobile applications. Consumers who are very unfamiliar with smartphones would have been very intimidated if they were thrust headfirst into Windows Mobile. With T-Mobile Shadow’s user-friendly interface, they can get to options quicker and even quit applications in order to free up memory space.

The 2.6-inch display on the T-Mobile Shadow is large enough for you to comfortably read everything on the screen. The large 320 by 240-pixel screen is a great way to watch some of your favorite video clips are scroll through some special photos. It is even large enough to show to others without them having to squint and figure out what they are looking at. Compared to some smartphone devices, the interface on this mobile phone is not so sluggish. You can quickly mover around options without having to wait forever while an application opens. If you are a fast typer, you will appreciate the fact that the keys are quick to respond. You will be able to create a text messaging frenzy in comfort.

Storage is definitely not an issue with the T-Mobile Shadow. It comes conveniently with a built-in 140 MB of storage. If that is not enough storage room for you, then there is also a MicroSD slot for you to add more memory very easily. Mobile travelers will also appreciate the fact that this smartphone also comes with Pocket Office. You can edit you must have Microsoft Office documents with ease. There are other useful applications that come preloaded on this device as well. You will be able to enjoy instant messaging with Yahoo, Aim, or MSN. Just because you are on the go, you will not have to be cut off from friends or work with this handy little device. It can be used for business needs or entertainment purposes without slowing you down.

Despite the fact that the T-Mobile Shadow has a ton of useful and wonderfully working features, one of the best features it has to offer is its WiFi connection. Users that do not want to dabble with T-Mobile’s EDGE cellular network can use the built-in WiFi connection as a backup. You will be able to connect to WPA protected networks without a hesitation or a problem. If you love to frequent places with hotspots, you can now take full advantage of them without a notebook computer. Just use the T-Mobile Shadow to surf in ease.

The T-Mobile Shadow will display your favorite videos without any sluggishness, it will give you access to Microsoft Office documents while on the go, and it has an extremely user-friendly interface. All of these great assets will quickly draw consumers to it. It has a stylishly elegant look and performs very well with call quality and other tasks. You will soon discover that the T-Mobile Shadow takes the scare out of working with a smartphone and it will make you fall madly in love with it.

How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Americans love coffee. As a collective, we drink 400 million cups of the stuff a day. We drink it in the morning to help us turn into human beings; we drink it in the afternoon to keep us from killing our co-workers. But mostly we drink it because it’s delicious which is funny, because most of us are doing our best to make it as flavorless as possible.

The Best Device for Coffee

Brewing gourmet coffee in a machine is like nuking gourmet cheese in the microwave. To get the most out of those pricey beans, you want to brew them in a French press. This simple device heats and strains the coffee to optimally release the flavors without trapping them in a paper filter. It costs just as much as a cheap coffee maker and gives you a lot more flavor for your buck. The best 5 cup programmable coffee maker is also the hype of today. With its amazing features and modern design, you will certainly love it.

The Best Coffee Beans

Once you have your French press, look for some beans that are worthy of it. Don’t bother asking your coffee loving friends for recommendations. Delicious is a highly subjective word. The best way to discover the coffee that you like best is to try a bunch of different beans.

For the best flavor profiles, invest in the good stuff. Avoid cheap, pre-packaged beans. Instead, head to Whole Foods or another boutique or specialty store with a wide selection of quality whole beans that you bag yourself. For the best possible flavor out of your beans, ask when they were roasted. Coffee beans begin to lose their flavor roughly one week after they’re roasted.

The Best Coffee Brewing Technique

To make coffee in a French Press, start by filling the beaker with boiling water. Only add as many cups as you can drink in one sitting. After around 20 minutes, coffee begins to lose flavor.

If possible, skip the tap water altogether and used filtered or spring water. The chlorine in most tap water supplies messes with the flavor of the beans. Allow the water to heat up the French Press for 30 seconds before adding the coffee.

Coarse grind the beans while you let the water sit. Never grind the whole bag and let it sit on the shelf. Once ground (you guessed it) coffee quickly loses flavor.

How much coffee you grind is up to you. Two tablespoons of grounds per cup of coffee will give you a good strong cup. Three or four will send you into orbit and get you through the morning at high speed.

Now stir the coffee well with a long spoon or chopstick. Then place the lid and attached strainer on the beaker so that the strainer sits right on top of or above the coffee.

Leave the coffee to brew for four minutes. Set a timer. Brewing too long or not long enough affects the coffee’s flavor. At the ding, depress the plunger that pushes down the mesh strainer. Push slowly, just using the weight of your hand to apply pressure. This will take between 15 to 20 seconds. If you’re impatient in the morning, avoid the urge to rush it. One hard push will send hot coffee squirting all over you and your work clothes.

Now all you have to do is pour the coffee into a cup. I like to have a good cup of coffee with just a tablespoon of sugar to bring out the flavor. Cream and mountains of sugar are great for drowning out coffee that you can’t drink otherwise. But if you’ve gone through the trouble to maximize those flavors, you want to be able to taste them in the end.

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