Hotel Transylvania review


Adam Sandler is an amazing individual. Writing, directing, singing, acting, voicing- he never ceases to amaze me. In his new animated movie, Hotel Transylvania, he continues to prove his worth. Dracula as a father... not just any father, but an overprotective father to a baby girl. Who would have thought? Reeling from the recent loss of his wife, he builds Hotel Transylvania- a getaway of sorts for monsters from all humans- here is the synopsis: Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away … [Read more...]


Ahh- stop animation film... The "archaic" animation. One of the earliest forms of animation, from the super old school Godzilla movies, King Kong, etc. all the way to Nightmare before Christmas, Wallace and Gromit, and now- Paranorman. My own personal opinion, up until recently, of stop animation was that it was cheesy, boring and not worth my time. Then I saw Pirates! Band of Misfits and Sarah had a brief interview with Peter Lord, where we discovered the skill and amazing talent it … [Read more...]