Is Oz the Great and Powerful a Good Movie?


This week in Denver I had the privilege of viewing Oz the Great and Powerful with Moose. It was a phenomenal movie, filled with the wonders and amazing sights that can only be seen using today’s technology. Watching this in 3D was worthwhile as well, one scene in particular. Costumes, scenery and story all come together to make an amazing movie. James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Zach Braff help to complete this all-star cast and bring life to 1 of the 15 books … [Read more...]

Dead Man Down- Who knew?


I saw the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. While it was okay, I was not totally impressed. I walked into this movie not knowing exactly what to expect- other than Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard and gunfire. Two different stories collide and intertwine in a story of romance and revenge. Unexpected alliances are formed and the underground comes up for a breath while this tale grips you and takes you on a ride you will not forget. Victor (Farrell) is Alphonse’s (Howard’s) right-hand man. … [Read more...]

Catch Me if you Can in Denver!


Catch me if you can is the true, if slightly embellished story of Frank Abignale Jr. For those of you alive during the late 1960’s, you probably remember seeing it on the news, reading about it in newspapers, etc. I did not have the fortune to be alive during that time- but when the Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hanks version came out several years ago on the big screen, I did research some of his exploits purely out of curiosity.   He did in fact steal close to 2 million dollars before he was … [Read more...]

Old Major Restaurant- A Collaboration of Colorado


Driving into the Highlands, passing by Gaetano’s I see what used to be an old abandoned building just past 33rd. Park on the street and walk over- then enter into an experience not seen in Denver until now. Old Major, partnered by several different geniuses who have all made names for themselves in this grand ole city… Justin Brunson (Masterpiece Deli, Denver Bacon Co.), Juan and Katie O’Shea Padro (Highland Tap & Burger) and Ben Parsons (Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery) whom are all but a … [Read more...]

Denver Bacon Company- A new Masterpiece!


Who loves bacon?… Okay… better question- who does NOT love bacon? Bacon is one of those necessary evils. You love to love it but at the same time realize that it is not something you should eat at every meal, right? That being said, when you do eat that wonderful fruit of the swine, shouldn’t you make sure it is the highest quality, best tasting bacon you can buy? Such is the quest of one of my  personal favorite local chef’s- Justin Brunson of Masterpiece Deli and Old Major, along with … [Read more...]

The Book of Mormon hits Ellie Caulkins Opera House- Denver


The Book Of Mormon has finally arrived in Denver! It’s the moment so many of us have been waiting for, counting down to and dreaming about. As someone who has a mostly Mormon family this show was bound to be interesting for me, and to make it more interesting I took my mom (who was raised in a strict Mormon family). We really enjoyed this show, it was hilarious and offensive all wrapped up into a joyous little bundle… just as I expected it to be. When you go to a show that is written by the … [Read more...]

How to get Book of Mormon tickets in Denver

So you are looking for tickets to the *very* elusive Book Of Mormon in Denver? Yeah, aren’t we all? Well, I happen to have the inside scoop on when, where and how you can get them! Each show day there will be a lottery drawing for 24 front row tickets to the show. How does it work? It is really simple- You show up at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House box office at exactly 2 1/2 hours before each performance. Fill out a little form that will be provided to you (asking for your name, phone … [Read more...]