Colorado Fires


It is a very sad day… well month really, here in Colorado. Our state is on fire. We have several active fires burning right now, the largest of which include the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs and the High Park fire in Fort Collins; between these two fires over 102, 584 acres have burned already. Our air is full of smoke and smells like a campfire when you walk outside, and yesterday because of the newest fire in Boulder (Flagstaff fire) there were little bits of ash “raining” down in … [Read more...]

Activities and Events at Boyd Lake, Colorado

I love Boyd Lake, and they have a great Events lady this year! Her name is Kari and she is fan-freaking-tastic! She has a ton of stuff planned for you and your family to do while you are camping, or having fun at the lake. Via May Weekend of the 25th, swim beach opens 25; Horseshoe Tournament, 7pm A/B pits 26; Swim beach scavenger hunt (family event) 27; What’s up Duck (all day at the swim beach with mounted duck wings and info) June 1; Horseshoe … [Read more...]