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Stocking an emergency preparedness pantry #WalmartGrocery #PartyToGo

emergency preparedness food

I've been thinking a lot about emergency preparedness. We've been researching it, talking to friends about it, and trying to plan for an emergency preparedness pantry of our own. I see other people who are in situations they never thought they would be in; stuck in their house for days, trapped inside because of weather, sick for a long period and can't get out to get things for their family, etc. I mean, the truth is that you never know what is going to happen to you, or your loved ones, or … [Read more...]

Mr Peabody and Sherman time travel party

Mr. Peabody and Sherman crafts

I've said it at least twice before, we loved the movie Mr Peabody and Sherman. The boys wanted to have a movie night with some friends, and who am I to say no? So, we put together a Mr Peabody and Sherman time travel party as part of my awesome gig with the Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. We were chosen to do the Italian Renaissance time period, which was pretty exciting for me! FHE Insiders sent over some crafts for us to do that would be a fun representation of the time period. I … [Read more...]

I found the perfect phone for young kids

Kyocera Brigadier

As you may, or may not know, we have 2 young sons (8 and 10) and we've been looking for a phone for them... well, not really for them, more for the house. There has been a huge shift since we were kids, no one has a house phone anymore, how are kids supposed to call each other to talk about school, and games, and going outside to play together? I know you don't think they are calling my phone to talk to my kids, that's what's not about to happen. I mean, I let my kids use my phone, but they … [Read more...]

Minnie Mouse baby shower

Pink zebra baby shower center pieces

Last year I hosted a Minnie Mouse baby shower, this was the same shower as the pink zebra stripe baby shower I have posted about before.  I worked so hard on this baby shower, to make sure that everything was perfect, and in the end it was.  I will show you each part of this shower and break-down each item and how I made it, or where I got the stuff to make it. If you have questions about anything, please leave them below and I will help you right away! Every good shower starts … [Read more...]

Where to list blog giveaways

Where to list your blog giveaways

My friend Barb, from Mom Off Track and I are proud to present- Where to list blog giveaways! A list that we have spent months building. As bloggers, we know that it can be really hard to promote your giveaways, so we looked all over the inter-webs to bring you this list. Be sure to pin this post so that you can find it when you need it!  This list is in order of what day of the week the linky goes up, which makes it easy to promote your giveaways daily. If you find an … [Read more...]

You at the Center

You at the Center

My whole life has revolved around doing things for others, ever since I remember. I never think of myself, only others, and I hate that as much as I love it. I love helping others, but I also wish that I could feel ok about helping myself.  I was offered a chance to join a 100-day course called You At The Center and after thinking about it, I decided that it was worth a shot. If nothing else, maybe I will learn to put myself first on some level, no matter how small.  YOU at the … [Read more...]

What phone should I buy?

Samsung S5

I have had my Samsung S4 for a while now, basically since it came out.  I adore my phone, it still works perfectly most of them time, the battery  life is still good enough to last me all day; in general? Things are good! However, I am bored and ready to day dream about a new hot phone. As a Verizon #VZWBuzz group member I spend a bit of each day thinking about technology and the new gadgets that are being released every day.  What phone should I buy?  iPhone 6 The good … [Read more...]

Leap Frog Leap Band #FitMadeFun

Leap Band

LeapFrog has been a favorite around our house since my first son was very young, and now that they are 8 and 10, several of our LeapFrog products have been passed on to friends with younger kids. Thankfully LeapFrog just launched one of my favorite products that I've seen them come out with; the LeapBand!  The LeapBand is "fit made fun," it encourages your kids to be active. The LeapBand is similar to a watch in style (which kids love), and it has a little pet inside. The pet is chosen … [Read more...]

Funny puppies

babies and dogs

When I'm having a rough day, I love to watch silly animal videos, they crack me up! Those adorable puppies (and kitties) doing adorable things, it's just too much cuteness to handle! How can you be in a bad mood watching these? Dogs who have their own rap song- Some dogs who hate bath time- Finally, some babies and dogs having a little conversation... so cute! Don't you feel better about your day now? Yes? Good, I'm glad! Now go out and conquer the world! 'This is a … [Read more...]

Hilarious social media cliches

Social media cliches

We all know someone like each of the people in this video, right? What is your social personality? Do you think before you post? Recently a friend of a friend passed away and her social media presence was one of the things that was left behind, and everyone was combing through it. It is crazy to think that what you post today will always be around, even if you delete it, you never know who got a screenshot before you did. For instance; we've all seen these major companies have a Twitter … [Read more...]