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Klondike Kandy Bars

Me with my Klondike Kandy Bar

Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media and Klondike, but all of my opinion are my own. #WeaveMade #KandyBar http://my-disclosur.es/RgFrEH   Summertime is finally here, and it is leaving just as quickly as it came! I can't believe there is stuff out for back-to-school already! I am just not ready for that yet, I want the summer to stay forever; minus the extreme heat... since I don't have air conditioning right now. I … [Read more...]

Rio 2 activities and printables

Rio 2 printable 3D soccer ball

Rio 2 is being released on DVD on July 15th! If you didn't see it in theaters, now is the time to buy it and enjoy it with your family... if you did see it in theaters, I don't have to tell you how adorable it is, or how funny, or how charming, etc. etc.  To get ready for the launch of Rio 2, the Fox Home Insiders have given me plenty of Rio 2 activities to share with all of you! You can click on the link to print them out and share them with friends and family!  Rio 2 … [Read more...]

Preparing for bad weather

The Weather Channel app

Colorado, and other states, have been seeing some really crazy weather recently. I know that this is pretty normal for spring/early summer, and because I know that, I also know that preparedness is very important. We all talk a big game about being ready, and most of us know what we should do in order to be ready but we don't do it. I have an "it will never happen to me" mentality that I know is silly and will bite me at some point. Let's talk about some things that you/we can do to prepare for … [Read more...]

Paying with Isis Wallet #PaySmarter

Isis Wallet

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf ofMom Central Consulting for Isis Wallet. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review." Have you ever thought about money, actual cash, being phased out? I first started thinking about it a long time ago when I read a book that talked about it. I didn't think it could ever really become a reality, how could it? Now, in the days of so much amazing technology, I can see that it is really possible! So many … [Read more...]

Skylanders party

Frito-Lay Skylanders Party

This weekend we moved into our new house, well... kind of. We signed paperwork and then went over to introduce ourselves to our new neighbors. I thought it would be awesome to round everyone up to join in our Frito-Lay and Skylanders party! I had been planning this party for a couple of weeks, and I knew just how I wanted it to be, and it just worked out that we got to invite our new neighbors! Lucky for me, we have a nice park very close to the house, so all of the kids gathered … [Read more...]

Pier 1 Backyard Oasis

soda on ice

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pier 1. I received a Pier 1 gift card to purchase items to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.” Summer is quickly approaching, but the right now the weather is perfect for being outside, it isn't too hot or too cold. Every Spring I get this bug to fix up my yard, I usually plant some flowers and buy a few things to decorate my outdoor space. When Pier 1 and Mom Central Consulting … [Read more...]

State Farm Neighborhood Assist Initiative


“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for State Farm. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.” If you know me, you know I love volunteering; I love it deep in my soul! I encourage my kids to volunteer, and I've actually made it into a part of our schooling program so that the boys' can learn how to give back to the community. We work with a volunteer agency that offers opportunities for families, which … [Read more...]

Quaker Breakfast shakes- $25 Giveaway

moose and tater

This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Quaker Breakfast shakes- A couple of weeks ago I was sent some Quaker Breakfast Shakes to try, and I was pretty leery. I haven't ever really had a good breakfast shake before, so I didn't have much hope for this one, other than the fact that it is Quaker (a brand that I adore). I tasted one of the shakes on my way out to school on Friday, and I was pleasantly surprised!  These breakfast … [Read more...]

Seventh Generation- a petition to remove chemicals from cleaners

Seventh Generation

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for social good. I stand behind what I have written, and the opinions below are my own and were not influenced in any way. Have you noticed, there is a push for more natural everything (food, clothing, cleansers, etc) for the past decade or so, but it has really become apparent to me in the past few years. Maybe it's because I have kids now, and I actually worry about things that I used to think only crazy "tree-huggers" worried about. Seeing all of the … [Read more...]

Leprechaun Doughnuts

Leprechaun Doughnuts

How to make Leprechaun Doughnuts Ingredients Chocolate sprinkle: O-shaped cereal Dark or white chocolate Colored sprinkles   Cinnamon sugar: O-shaped cereal Sugar Cinnamon sugar   Directions Lure wee visitors this Saint Patrick’s Day with O-shaped cereal disguised as tiny doughnuts. Prepare each variety following the steps at right and let dry on waxed paper. Add to the fun by placing them in a miniature box (get the free template … [Read more...]