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Caza Trail Donut Shop Coffee

caza trail donut shop blend

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sturm Foods, Inc. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating”   My mornings are my "me" time, and it's often the only time that I am alone at all until the boys' go to bed, and even then I am hanging out with Jason. The mornings are when I take a deep breath and relax, I think about the things that make me happy and I sit there living in that moment for as long as I can. In … [Read more...]

Light or Dark roast coffee? Which is better?


Coffee, like almost everything, is highly a matter of taste. Once you get to the point where you are; 1. grinding your coffee fresh each morning (I use a conical grinder and do not know how I survived without one) and making the brew within 10 minutes of grinding. 2. Using filtered water- When I make coffee, I want to taste the coffee. I am not a fan of tasting chlorine, fluoride and/or whatever else might be floating around in the tap water. 3. Measuring out the perfect coffee to … [Read more...]

What is Fair Trade Coffee?


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic -Good luck saying that name five times real fast… I stopped back in at my new favorite coffee roaster- Coda Coffee- to see what else I could try - I walked away with a pound of their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic coffee, and a question. This was late on a Friday afternoon, so I was forced to wait until Saturday morning, mouth literally watering on the drive home from the fragrant smell of this organic, fair trade certified coffee. I love a light roast coffee and … [Read more...]

Coda Coffee- Local Coffee Roaster In Denver Colorado


I am a coffee lover. I am a coffee snob. I am a coffee…? I search for good coffee, the best coffee, local coffee. I use filtered water when I make coffee. When I switch to a different type of coffee, I clean my machine and cup completely so as not to mix the flavors. Single origins are my favorite. I have tried Kona, Blue Mountain, Civet, and a myriad of other coffees. Most recently I was on a hunt for something new, something different and something local. Google, here I come. I searched … [Read more...]

Tassimo T20- Review and giveaway

Tassimo Coffee brewer

Jason has been dreaming of having a Tassimo T20 to call his own for a long time now, so when I got the opportunity to review one I jumped at the chance. It arrived and we didn't even wait a second to open it! It was so gorgeous, nothing like our old coffee pot which we tried to hide in the corner where no one could see it, we are proudly displaying the T20 on our bar where everyone can see it. This is the only coffee pot that I have ever been able to figure out, it is so simple; you fill up … [Read more...]

Grounds for Your Garden

{Grounds for Your Garden}This year instead of going out and buying expensive, stinky fertilizer for your garden this year why not try a natural *FREE* solution? Starbucks runs a program called “grounds for your garden” where they save coffee grounds and give them to anyone who asks for the for free! No purchase necessary. Ground coffee is high in nitrogen which makes it very good mulch for your vegetable garden as well as your flowers. The color is really deep, nearly black and looks fabulous … [Read more...]