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Homefront- Worth Your Time?

Homefront is a new action thriller starring Jason Statham and James Franco who are pitted against each other, one good and one bad… Jason Statham plays Phil Broker, an ex DEA agent who is seeking a quiet and calm life for himself and his daughter. Through some unfortunate events as a result of some bullying, Meth manufacturer James Franco sets his sights on a large prize involving turning over Phil to an ex drug king-pin who has a contract out on his head. Homefront; jason statham

James Franco is one of those actors who is not allowing himself to be pigeonholed into one particular type of role. He fills this bad guy role in Homefront with an intelligence that is truly an inspiring attribute to his skills, turning a similar story line into something that keeps your attention riveted on his character. Jason Statham performs his craft to perfection, showing off his martial arts and fighting skills which I don’t think I will ever, ever get tired of seeing. 

The bad? There really is not much that is “bad”… Homefront, as stated above briefly, is a story that has been done in similar fashion before. Slight changes to the names, locations, drug in question and character development give it enough of a difference to still make it enjoyable. 

Who is Homefront for?

Adrenaline, action adventure type moviegoers… Those of us who liked “movies for guys who like movies” on TBS back in the day- Homefront is for you

Who is Homefront not for?

Homefront is not for those who are wanting to see a drama, comedy, a movie you have to think about etc. It is also not good for kids under about 15-16 because of the violence and drug use, lots of drug use… 

My Recommendation on Homefront?

Worth checking out, but wait for the Blu-ray. 



  1. That is why I didn’t bother seeing this in theater.

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