Denver Bacon Company- A new Masterpiece!

Who loves bacon?…

Okay… better question- who does NOT love bacon?

Bacon is one of those necessary evils. You love to love it but at the same time realize that it is not something you should eat at every meal, right? That being said, when you do eat that wonderful fruit of the swine, shouldn’t you make sure it is the highest quality, best tasting bacon you can buy? Such is the quest of one of my  personal favorite local chef’s- Justin Brunson of Masterpiece Deli and Old Major, along with Eric Clayman of Udi’s Granola and Gluten Free Foods.

DBC LogoDenver Bacon Co. aka DBC is the treasure at the end of this rainbow. Succulent, sweet and salty goodness is what awaits you in your frying pan or anywhere you can manage to pick up some of this bacon at your local favorite restaurant. Below is an excerpt from the official Denver Bacon Co. press release.

The DBC maple slab bacon is butcher-cut, thick sliced and made from large white/landrace cross Dam (female) with duroc Sire (male) hogs that are locally raised in Colorado. The hogs are dry-cured (Dam gives the animal muscle structure, Sire provides marbling) and not pumped full of water, allowing for more yield per pound and very little shrinkage when cooked. The recipe is chef inspired by Brunson with a blend of spices like Coriander, Yellow Mustard, Juniper, Thyme, Bay Leaf and Black Pepper — then sweetened with Maple Sugar. After the bellies are cured, they are smoked with Colorado Peach wood, sourced from Fruita, CO.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Beer, Bacon and Coffee fest in LoHi, at Denver Beer Co. DBC was there in full force, handing out over 100lbs of bacon, along with one of the breakfast inspired brews; Swineheitsgebot, a smoky version of a rauchbier which was aged on DBC bacon. A drink of this beer and a bite of bacon sent my taste-buds up into the highest level of heaven. Such a unique combination and depth of flavor- I can’t wait until next year when I get to enjoy this again!

Where can you get some of this sublime swine?

Currently, the DBC products are sold at Colorado restaurants and specialty stores and is in the process of receiving USDA approval to be sold at larger grocery stores. For orders and distribution, please contact: SOURCE Local Foods at or Western Deli Provisions at 303-378-4859. Check out, which leads you to their Facebook page for updates.

Coming soon?

Breakfast sausage (made from bacon and sausage… what else could you want?), Canadian bacon, Pastrami, Corned and Roast beef. Sooey!!!



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