Rooster Potatoes

Every Thanksgiving I make mashed potatoes from scratch and every year I worry about what kind of potatoes I should use. I can never remember which ones are good for baking, roasting, mashing, etc. This year I decided to make our favorite side dish using Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes, this is the first year that Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes are being grown on US soil. They went to the shelves in Colorado Wal-Mart’s on November 11th and they are only available for a short time. I thought it was worth giving them a try.

My family loved these potatoes! They were creamy and delicious! They were easy to cook and to peel (even though the peel was so thin I am sure we didn’t actually have to bother with that) and mashed really well. They had a buttery flavor and were not chalky at all, which always makes me nervous when I am trying a new type of potato.

I also found some awesome looking recipes on the Albert Bartlett website that I plan to try in the near future, this one looked especially yummy:

albert bartlett potatoes recipe

The Rooster potatoes are new – and are not a russet or a red potato – they actually start out pink but bake golden brown. They are the ideal versatile ingredient – you can bake, boil, mash, roast or fry them – and I would love to see if you’d be open to trying them in any new recipe you have been wanting to try, the new recipes we send along, or even your favorite go-to dish you’ve made for years.

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