Is Fun Size appropriate for kids?

fun size the movieMy kids were so excited when I told them about Fun Size- they have been seeing commercials on a certain kids TV channel for a while now. I thought- hmm okay- isn’t this rated PG-13? Here is the scoop

Fun Size is a movie about a teenage girl Wren (Victoria Justice) who’s hopes for the perfect Halloween are dashed when her cougarriffic mom (played by Chelsea Handler) enlists her to watch her younger brother while mom goes out to play with her twenty-something boy toy. Not to be dismayed, Wren takes her younger brother out to trick or treat and in the process of getting ready to go to the best party of the year, she loses track of him. Hilarity and worry ensue from this point on.

Was this a cute movie? Yes, definitely a TEENAGE MOVIE. Appropriate for kids? Unfortunately for all of those teenage wannabe’s who are huge fans of Victorious, my answer is no… This movie has a TON of sexual innuendos, teen drinking, adult references and overall inappropriate behavior that in this writers opinion, should not be referenced in someone’s mind until they are at least of the age of a budding 13 year old- and even that is questionable depending on your own personal values.

Why this movie was constantly a part of the commercials while my kiddos were getting their dose of SpongeBob is beyond me, but I will just chalk it up to the fact that the whole network family likes to support each other… I guess.

Who this is for? Teenagers and up-

Who this is not for? Young kids, Adults who are annoyed by teen movies- people who don’t like Chelsea Handler…

My Recommendation- wait until DVD, watch it without the kids first so you know what is happening and have the ability to fast forward through some of the more adult scenes…



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    It must be tough to be a parent nowadays, with stuff like this going on… ads for shows and toys that aren’t age-appropriate for the audience they’re airing during. Not sure why they do that :/ Good suggestion to watch it ahead of time… really if I were a parent, I’d do that with anything that was rated higher than my kids’ ages.

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    My 10 year old wants to see this and I have been leaning towards no because of the older nature of the film. Thanks for confirming what I was already thinking!

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    I wish that channel (who by the way seems to be pushing more and more sexual content into its shows/movies) would remember some time frames are for the younger crowd, and that would include commercials. I wanna check the movie out, just because I do like victoria justice, and think she may make a great “real” actress in the future :)

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    great review and thanks for the warning! I am dismayed by the types of movies marketed toward the younger set. I have a problem with many of the tv shows geared toward the preschool and grade school age groups too like Sponge Bob, so maybe I am just a prude.

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