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First of all, I want to say that I have bad hair. It never does what I want it to do and it has always caused me issues! My whole life my hair has been this weird mix of wavy/curly/straight/frizzy and unmanageable in general. The first time that I straightened my hair was in 7th grade when one of the other girls told me that she did it to her own hair, I cannot tell you how amazed I was that straightening hair was even possible! I thought only the stars could afford to have their hair straightened. She showed me how to straighten my hair by running my curling iron down it and I thought I was in heaven, never before had my hair made me feel beautiful.

After that first time of having my hair perfectly straight (via the curling iron) I found out that there were other ways to do the same thing and because I didn’t have a curling iron, that was good. A few days later in my bedroom I had my best friend… are you ready for this? Ironing my hair straight… with a REAL IRON! For years and years I was straightening my hair by curling iron every day, it was a pain but I had gotten really good at it. I had tried straighteners but it was when they were first in stores and they were not good, they didn’t get my hair pin straight, the way that I like it. About 2 years ago I finally broke down and bought a straightener to try, it was nice but it was cheap and I could tell that it was literally burning my hair, the ends were fried.

Enter my hair straightening hero, Corioliss Pro V Leopard Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, from FlatIronExperts.com

Here is my hair-Cruising vacation 2012 907Before (left)/After (right)

I swear, the Corioliss Pro V is like magic, my hair has never been so straight before. I love it! The cool part is the Tourmaline/ceramic technology that helps to evenly distribute heat across the entire surface of the hair, which helps prevent “hot spots” that fry your hair. It helps to hold the moisture in your hair, which is exactly what we need. It eliminates frizz by closing the cuticle to create smooth shiny hair. This is the best straightener that I have ever used, honestly.

Another cool thing that I am now officially obsessed with is the Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder. The reason that I love this is that it is a stand for my flat iron, it keeps it off of the counter. With my original straightener I didn’t know that it got so hot, I once laid it on it’s side on the counter… big mistake! I picked it up and there were burn marks on my counter from it. I was shocked! This little $14.99 stand could have saved me from having that issue.

Disclaimer: I was provided with some of the products above in order to do this review, however, the opinions in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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    It doesn’t look like you have bad hair to me – pretty! You are right though, the “after” side looks pretty amazing.

    I’ve always been curious to try a straight iron – good review, thanks!


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